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Screening of complex thermophilic microbial community and application during municipal solid waste aerobic composting

Y Mingyan
Z Xianlai
Z Xiaoqi


Two thermophilic bacteria HP83 and HC181 with fast growth and good decomposition ability of protein and cellulose were separated from 48 samples such as landfill, composting and animal manure by identical medium and activity assaying. Complex microbial community HP83 and HC181 were applied during municipal solid waste aerobic composting that was carried out in a composting reactor under controlled conditions. The comparison of inoculation and no-inoculation ones were examined through inspection of temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), NH4+N /NO3-N, main composting period and other physical parameters. The result show that compared with the no-inoculation one, the inoculation composting period was shortened by four days; the maximum temperature was increased by 10°C and the time to get to peak temperature was shortened by two days. Organism degradation was effectively accelerated and the volume and weight reduction were superior to the no-inoculation one.

Key words: Thermophilic bacteria, screen, complex microbial agency, municipal solid waste (MSW), aerobic composting.

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eISSN: 1684-5315