Isolation and characterization of a bacterial celluloseproducing bacterium derived from the persimmon vinegar

  • YJ Wee
  • SY Kim
  • SD Yoon
  • HW Ryu
Keywords: Bacterial cellulose, Gluconacetobacter, 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, phylogeny, persimmon vinegar.


A novel cellulose-producing organism was isolated from the liquid part of a 3-year ripened persimmon vinegar, which belonged to the family of Acetobacteracea based on its morphological and physiological characteristics. The phylogenetic position of the isolated strain was most closely related to Gluconacetobacter intermedius TF2T (99.929%), hence, it was specifically named as Gluconacetobacter sp. RKY5. Although the traditional bacterial cellulose (BC) production medium (Hestrin and Schramm medium) was used, the amount of BC produced under a static culture condition reached 5.0 g L-1. The X-ray diffraction pattern and scanning electron micrograph of the BC produced revealed that it was composed of ribbon-shaped fibrils with the network structure and pure cellulose without any other impurities.

Key words: Bacterial cellulose, Gluconacetobacter; 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, phylogeny, persimmon vinegar.


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eISSN: 1684-5315