Influence of cross-breeding of native breed sows of Zlotnicka spotted with boars of Duroc and polish large white (PLW) breeds on the slaughter value fatteners

  • K Szulc
  • K Borzuta
  • D Lisiak
  • JT Buczynski
  • J Strzelecki
  • E Grzeskowiak
  • F Magda
  • B Lisiak
Keywords: Pigs, Zlotnicka spotted, crossbreds, slaughter value.


The aim of this study was the estimation of the cross-breeding influence of Zlotnicka spotted sows with boars of polish large white and Duroc breeds on carcass traits of fatteners. 50 pigs were divided into four groups: Zlotnicka spotted (ZS), Zlotnicka spotted x polish large white (ZS x PLW), Zlotnicka spotted x Duroc (ZS x D) and Zlotnicka spotted x (Zlotnicka spotted x D). Obtained results confirm the results of previous studies. It was found that animals of the native breed ZS were characterized by small height of the loin ‘eye’ (52.20mm), low meatiness (43.99%) and considerable backfat thickness (4.22 cm). The analysis of the cross-breeding influence on the value of slaughter traits, was confirmed by significant higher thickness and surface of the loin ‘eye’ in crossbred fatteners (ZS x PLW, ZS x D, ZS x (ZS x D) in comparison with purebred fatteners ZS. The highest meatiness (48%) and lowest backfat thickness (3.61cm) were observed in fatteners from group ZS x PLW. With regards to these traits, this group differed significantly from group ZS x (ZS x D). Crossbred fatteners ZS x PLW and also ZS x D had significantly higher share of meat cuts in comparison with purebred fatteners ZS and crossbred fatteners ZS x (ZS x D). However, with regards to share of fat cuts, crossbred animals ZS x PLW and ZS X D showed the significant lower capacity of these joints than groups ZS and ZS x (ZS x D). Obtained results show that crossbreeding of sows of the breed ZS with boars PLW and also D influenced significantly the value of some important slaughter traits and animals from these crossbreeding can be used for the purpose of improving economic effects of the goods production.

Key words: Pigs, Zlotnicka spotted, crossbreds, slaughter value.


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eISSN: 1684-5315