Establishment of plant regeneration system from anther culture of Tagetes patula

  • Y Qi
  • Y Ye
  • M Bao
Keywords: Tagetes patula, genotype, anther culture, plant regeneration.


Plant regeneration of Tagetes patula was achieved from anther explants via adventitious shoot differentiation from callus. The effects of genotype, temperature pretreatment, plant growth regulators, light regimes and sucrose concentration were studied. Eight of ten genotypes tested were successfully regenerated. The highest callus induction rate and regeneration frequency of line 21605 was obtained when inflorescence buds were stored at 4°C for 4 days, and anthers with microspores at the mid to late uninucleate stage were cultured on MS basal medium containing BA (2.2 μM) and NAA (1.82 or 2.7 μM). Frequencies of callus induction and shoot regeneration were 100 and 70.5%, respectively with the whole regeneration procedure completed in 40 days under light. This highly efficient, rapid regeneration system can be applied for both genetic transformation and doubled haploid plant induction.

Key words: Tagetes patula, genotype, anther culture, plant regeneration.


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eISSN: 1684-5315