Germination potential index of Sindh rice cultivars on biochemical basis, using amylase as an indicator

  • S Galani
  • A Aman
  • SAU Qader
Keywords: Germination potential, α-amylase, seed vigor, rice, cultivars.


Time sequence analysis of germination and vigor of five rice cultivars were carried out by investigating the associated biochemical changes. The experiments were conducted with varying periods of incubation for germination and varietal differences were observed for different parameters. Alpha amylase activities were found to be directly correlated with germination percentage. Gradual increase in reducing sugars along with α-amylase activity was observed, while total carbohydrates decreased as germination proceeded. The genetic variability of seed vigor of rice cultivars may be attributed to varietal differences of α-amylase activity at different stages of germination. Simultaneous increase in reducing sugars due to degradation of reserve carbohydrates was observed. The results indicated that α-amylase activity is a biochemical indicator showing different germination abilities of rice varieties, leading to different seed vigor. Among all five seed cultivars, SADA HAYAT demonstrated maximum seed vigor and alpha amylase activity along with germination period. This cultivar shows a potential for maximum production for successful breeding program.

Key words: Germination potential, α-amylase, seed vigor, rice, cultivars.