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Application of proteomics for prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome: Systematic review and a meta-analysis

B Yu, J Wang, QW Wang, RP Huang, SH Shao


We systematically reviewed the available literature and meta-analyzed the data which was specialized in Down syndrome (DS) diagnosis with proteomic techniques. Pubmed, EBSCOhost and ScienceDirect searches for relevant articles published from inception until July 2010 were obtained and ten articles were selected. Many candidate biomarkers were found, which could be used to identify Down syndrome. There were 14 markers noted more than two times and 29 best biomarkers were recommended by the authors particularly for clinical application. Application of proteomics contributed to the finding of novel biomarker for prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, providing opportunities for the development of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis.

Key words: Down syndrome, proteomic, aneuploidy, prenatal diagnosis, meta-analysis.
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