Production of effective microorganism using halalbased sources: A review

  • MMAB Abdullah
  • AH Ma’Radzi
  • NAM Saleh
  • AZ Kamal
  • ND Yaacob
Keywords: Component, effective microorganisms (EM), agriculture, halal-based source


Contemporary Malaysia faces rapid population growth that will increase competition for land and water resources for industrial use and urban growth. Solutions are needed to increase agricultural productivity to combat hunger and poverty. Since the agriculture sector has long been the backbone of the economy, the nation has found effective microorganism (EM) technology that has potential use in developing a sustainable agriculture sector. Malaysia is recognized as a modern Islamic country; citizens have concerns regarding halal issues associated with EM ingredients, which are not clearly mentioned by the manufacturer. Hence, a halal-based source is suggested in the utilization of EM technology. This study presents the development and applications of EMs that are not restricted to the agriculture system.

Key words: Component, effective microorganisms (EM), agriculture, halal-based source.