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Issue Title
Vol 13, No 33 (2014) Adsorption of essential oil components of Lavandula angustifolia on sodium modified bentonite from Nador (North-East Morocco) Abstract   PDF
M El Miz, S Salhi, A El Bachiri, JP Wathelet, A Tahani
Vol 10, No 81 (2011) Adsorption of heavy metal from landfill leachate by wasted biosolids Abstract   PDF
AA Mamun, Z Alam, NAN Mohd, SS Rashid
Vol 13, No 14 (2014) Adsorption of heavy metals by agroforestry waste derived activated carbons applied to aqueous solutions Abstract   PDF
Jane M Misihairabgwi, Abisha Kasiyamhuru, Peter Anderson, Colin J Cunningham, Tanya A Peshkur, Ignatious Ncube
Vol 10, No 15 (2011) Adsorption of lysozyme unto silica and polystyrene surfaces in aqueous medium Abstract   PDF
FK Onwu, SPL Ogah
Vol 12, No 50 (2013) Adsorption of violet B by agricultural waste of soft pistachio shells Abstract
Saeedeh Hashemian, Jalal Shayegan
Vol 7, No 22 (2008) Adsorption separation of 3β-D-monoglucuronyl-18βglycyrrhetinic acid from directional biotransformation products of glycyrrhizin Abstract   PDF
D Lu, S Zhang, J Wang, H Li, Y Dai
Vol 11, No 5 (2012) Adsorption study on orange peel: Removal of Ni(II) ions from aqueous solution Abstract   PDF
F Gönen, DS Serin
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) Adsorptive removal of direct dyes by low cost rice husk: Effect of treatments and modifications Abstract   PDF
Y Safa, HN Bhatti
Vol 7, No 6 (2008) Adulticidal effect of fungal pathogen, Metarhizium anisopliae on malarial vector Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) Abstract   PDF
SK Kannan, K Murugan, AN Kumar, N Ramasubramanian, P Mathiyazhagan
Vol 7, No 25 (2008) Advance of molecular marker application in the tobacco research Abstract   PDF
XZ Liu, HY Zhang
Vol 11, No 93 (2012) Advances in Ginkgo biloba research: Genomics and metabolomics perspectives Abstract   PDF
Tapan Kumar Mohanta
Vol 10, No 28 (2011) Advances in genetic engineering for plants abiotic stress control Abstract   PDF
TL Josine, J Ji, G Wang, CF Guan
Vol 13, No 19 (2014) Advances in highly specific plant gene silencing by artificial miRNAs Abstract   PDF
Guanyu Luo, Ting Su, Cuifang Liu, Jie Zou, Ailing Liu, Xinbo Chen
Vol 10, No 51 (2011) Advances on research epigenetic change of hybrid and polyploidy in plants Abstract   PDF
Z Zhang, J Gao, L Mao, Q Cheng, ZXL Liu, H Lin, Y Shen, M Zhao, C Pan
Vol 8, No 25 (2009) Advantages and disadvantages on photosynthesis measurement techniques: A review Abstract   PDF
JR Millan-Almaraz, RG Guevara-Gonzalez, R Romero- Troncoso, RA Osornio-Rios, I Torres-Pacheco
Vol 12, No 21 (2013) Adventitious shoot formation and plant regeneration from leaf explants of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) Abstract   PDF
Hassan Abu-Qaoud
Vol 10, No 64 (2011) Adventitious shoot regeneration from in vitro stem explants of Phellodendron amurense Abstract   PDF
HM Wang, YJ Chen, HD Yu, YG Zu
Vol 9, No 19 (2010) Adventitious shoot regeneration from leaf explants of miniature paprika (Capsicum annuum) ‘Hivita Red’ and ‘Hivita Yellow’ Abstract   PDF
JY Song, I Sivanesan, CG An, BR Jeong
Vol 10, No 43 (2011) Adventitious shoot regeneration from leaf explants of the valuable medicinal herb Plectranthus barbatus Andrews Abstract   PDF
P Thangavel, SJ Britto, SR Senthilkumar
Vol 14, No 27 (2015) Adventitious shoots induction and plant regeneration from cotyledons of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) Abstract   PDF
X Zhao, X Niu, M Fan
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) Aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria from gut of red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) Abstract   PDF
M Khiyami, E Alyamani
Vol 12, No 50 (2013) Aerobic Bacterial degraders in effluent from Itoku textile industry, Abeokuta Abstract
A Ogunlaja, OO Olomo, DO Olukanni
Vol 7, No 13 (2008) Aerobic biodegradation of a mixture of chlorinated organics in contaminated water Abstract   PDF
AO Olaniran, V Bhola, B Pillay
Vol 9, No 42 (2010) Aerobic biodegradation of butanol and diesel oil blends Abstract   PDF
Adriano Pinto Mariano, Richard Clayton Tomasella, Clara Di Martino, Eduardo Beraldo Morais, Rubens Maciel Filho, Mirna Helena Regali Seleghim, Jonas Contiero, Sâmia Maria Tauk Tornisielo, Dejanira de Franceschi de Angelis
Vol 9, No 5 (2010) Aerobic decolourization of two reactive azo dyes under varying carbon and nitrogen source by Bacillus cereus Abstract   PDF
IO Ola, AK Akintokun, I Akpan, IO Omomowo, VO Areo
Vol 6, No 7 (2007) Aerobic dehalogenation activities of two petroleum degrading bacteria Abstract   PDF
O Igbinosa, OS Ajisebutu, IA Okoh
Vol 5, No 20 (2006) Affinity purification of hen egg lysozyme using sephadex G75 Abstract   PDF
R Islam, J Kite, AS Baker, A Ching Jr, MR Islam
Vol 7, No 22 (2008) Affinity (tropism) of caprine arthritis encephalitis virus for brain cells Abstract   PDF
IA Adebayo, TAM Awoniyi, OD Olaleye
Vol 8, No 14 (2009) Aflatoxin B1 producing potential of Aspergillus flavusstrains isolated from stored rice grains Abstract   PDF
KRN Reddy, P Saritha, CS Reddy, K Muralidharan
Vol 4, No 8 (2005): Aflatoxin B1 production in chillies (Capsicum annuum L.) kept in cold stores Abstract   PDF
D Ravi Kiran, K JP Narayana, M Vijayalakshmi
Vol 5, No 1 (2006) Aflatoxin contamination of foods in developing countries: Implications for hepatocellular carcinoma and chemopreventive strategies Abstract   PDF
Olatunde E. Farombi
Vol 8, No 3 (2009) Aflatoxin in mould infested sesame seeds Abstract   PDF
MC Mbah, CO Akueshi
Vol 11, No 52 (2012) Aflatoxin status of some commercial dry dog foods in Ibadan, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Joseph Fadeyemi1 Akinrinmade, Akinleye Stephen Akinrinde
Vol 15, No 35 (2016) Aflatoxins: A silent threat in developing countries Abstract   PDF
Elias Nortaa Kunedeb Sowley
Vol 7, No 18 (2008) AFLP analysis among Ethiopian arabica coffee genotypes Abstract   PDF
Y Dessalegn, L Herselman, MT Labuschagne
Vol 8, No 15 (2009) AFLP analysis of genetic diversity in main cultivated strains of Ganoderma spp. Abstract   PDF
S Wu, X Guo, X Zhou, X Li, Y Chen, J Lin
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) AFLP analysis on genetic diversity and population structure of small yellow croaker Larimichthys polyactis Abstract   PDF
LS Lin, YP Ying, ZQ Han, YS Xiao, TX Gao
Vol 14, No 52 (2015) African fan palm (Borassus aethiopum) and oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) are alternate hosts of coconut lethal yellowing phytoplasma in Mozambique Abstract   PDF
J Bila, N Högberg, A Mondjana, B Samils
Vol 2, No 12 (2003) African indigenous plants with chemotherapeutic potentials and biotechnological approach to the production of bioactive prophylactic agents Abstract   PDF
E Olatunde Farombi
Vol 9, No 54 (2010) Agar alternatives for micropropagation of African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) Abstract   PDF
A Sharifi, N Moshtaghi, A Bagheri
Vol 10, No 15 (2011) Age and growth of bullet tuna, Auxis rochei (Risso), from the Turkish Mediterranean coasts Abstract   PDF
AE Kahraman, D Göktürk, FS Karakulak
Vol 11, No 15 (2012) Age, sex ratio, length-weight relationships and reproductive biology of Mediterranean swordfish, Xiphias gladius L., 1758, in the eastern Mediterranean Abstract   PDF
TZ Alıçlı, IK Oray, FS Karakulak, AE Kahraman
Vol 10, No 69 (2011) Aging and some physiological and biochemical characteristics of two Aelorupus species Abstract   PDF
A Vaziri, N Motamed, AR Abbasi, B Yazdani, V Niknam
Vol 8, No 25 (2009) Agricultural biotechnology research and development in Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
A Abraham
Vol 3, No 2 (2004) Agricultural genomics and sustainable development: perspectives and prospects for Africa Abstract   PDF
Jesse Machuka
Vol 11, No 54 (2012) Agricultural importance of algae Abstract   PDF
N Abdel-Raouf, AA Al-Homaidan, IBM Ibraheem
Vol 14, No 31 (2015) Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation and regeneration in elite rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivar BRRI dhan56 Abstract   PDF
M Islam, ZY Roly, Z Naim, M Khalekuzzaman
Vol 6, No 18 (2007) Agrobacterium mediated transformation of Tunisian Cucumis melo cv. maazoun Abstract   PDF
A Rhimi, M Hernould, M Boussaid
Vol 9, No 39 (2010) Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of biofuel plant Jatropha curcas using kanamycin selection Abstract   PDF
J Pan, Q Fu, ZF Xu
Vol 15, No 37 (2016) Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Jatropha curcas leaf explants with a fungal chitinase gene Abstract   PDF
Mariana Crotti Franco, Kleber Alves Gomes, Marcel Mamede de Carvalho Filho, Ricardo Harakava, Nicolas Carels, Walter José Siqueira, Rodrigo Rocha Latado, Daniela de Argollo Marques
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