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Vol 10, No 5 (2011) An investigation of artificial pasture establishment under dryland conditions Abstract   PDF
R Acar, M Demiryürek, M Okur, S Bitgi
Vol 11, No 21 (2012) An investigation of gene action on different traits of tobacco under irrigated and drought stress environment Abstract   PDF
SM Sadeghi, E Amiri, M Ashouri
Vol 12, No 46 (2013) An investigation of the bioaccumulation of chromium and uranium metals by Cynodon dactylon: A case study of abandoned New Union Gold Mine Tailings, Limpopo, South Africa Abstract   PDF
K. Nelushi, J. R. Gumbo, F. A. Dacosta
Vol 10, No 56 (2011) An investigation on computer and internet use for agricultural development in rural areas: A case study for Tokat Province in Turkey Abstract   PDF
EO Büyükbay, O Gündüz
Vol 11, No 30 (2012) An investigation on mechanisms of blanked nut formation of hazelnut (Corylus heterophylla fisch) Abstract   PDF
Jian-feng Liu, Yun-qing Cheng, Kun Yan, Qiang Liu
Vol 10, No 20 (2011) An investigation on natural radioactivity from mining industry# Abstract   PDF
E Esmeray, ME Aydin
Vol 6, No 14 (2007) An investigation on pin head formation time of Agaricus bisporus on wheat straw and waste tea leaves based composts using some locally available peat materials and secondary casing materials Abstract   PDF
F Yilmaz, E Baysal, H Toker, M Colak, ON Yigitbasi, H Simsek
Vol 8, No 6 (2009) An investigation on roundwood extraction of Fagus orientalis lipsky, Abies nordmanniana (Stew.) Spach. and Picea orientalis (L.) Link. by Urus M III forest skyline on snow Abstract   PDF
H Eroglu, MS Özkaya, HH Acar, A Karaman, HA Yolasigmaz
Vol 7, No 1 (2008) An Investigation on the antimicrobial activity of some endemic plant species from Turkey Abstract   PDF
M Benli, U Bingol, F Geven, K Guney, N Yigit
Vol 10, No 56 (2011) An investigation on the replacement of antibiotics by medicinal plants to control the infection of Escherichia Coli (E. coli) in broiler chickens Abstract   PDF
A Ziarlarimi, M Irani, S Gharahveysi
Vol 10, No 81 (2011) An isolated bacterial consortium for crude oil biodegradation Abstract   PDF
MF Alkhatib, Z Alam, SA Muyibi, AF Husain
Vol 10, No 42 (2011) An optimum medium designed and verified for alcohol vinegar fermentation Abstract   PDF
HL Yang, ZL Qi, XL Xia, Y Xin, L Zhang, YW Leng, W Quan, W Wang
Vol 11, No 55 (2012) An overview of diagnostic criteria for identification of cryptococcal meningitis with special emphasis on AIDS Abstract   PDF
Raid Al-Akeel, Musthaq Ahmed, Rabbani Syed
Vol 11, No 73 (2012) An overview of intellectual property rights in relation to agricultural biotechnology Abstract   PDF
Ram Prasad, US Bagde, Ajit Varma
Vol 9, No 24 (2010) An overview of medical image processing methods Abstract   PDF
HH Maras, Y Maras, EE Maras, B Aktus, SS Maras, F Yildiz
Vol 5, No 25 (2006) An overview of molecular marker methods for plants Abstract   PDF
K Semagn, Å Bjørnstad, MN Ndjiondjop
Vol 2, No 12 (2003) An overview of the microbial α-amylase family Abstract   PDF
NS Reddy, Annapoorna Nimmagadda, K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao
Vol 8, No 25 (2009) An overview of the potentials of natural rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) engineering for the production of valuable proteins Abstract   PDF
EE Omo-Ikerodah, KO Omokhafe, FA Akpobome, MU Mokwunye
Vol 14, No 16 (2015) An overview of the role of rumen methanogens in methane emission and its reduction strategies Abstract   PDF
K Satyanagalakshmi, GT Sridhar, SK Sirohi
Vol 9, No 54 (2010) An overview on the allelic variant of CYP2D6 genotype Abstract   PDF
M Shiju
Vol 9, No 7 (2010) An overview on the small heat shock proteins Abstract   PDF
T Mahmood, W Safdar, BH Abbasi, SMS Naqvi
Vol 10, No 57 (2011) An oxidant, detergent and salt stable alkaline protease from Bacillus cereus SIU1 Abstract   PDF
SK Singh, SK Singh, VR Tripathi, SK Garg
Vol 13, No 10 (2014) An update on conventional and molecular breeding approaches for improving fiber quality traits in cotton - A review Abstract   PDF
Kaliyaperumal Ashokkumar, Karuppanasamy Senthil Kumar, Rajasekaran Ravikesavan
Vol 6, No 17 (2007) Anaerobic digestion of fungally pre-treated wine distillery wastewater Abstract   PDF
X Melamane, R Tandlich, Jo Burgess
Vol 12, No 2 (2013) Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Crinum asiaticum leaf alcoholic extract in animal models Abstract   PDF
Md. Atiar Rahman, SM Azad Hossain, Nazim Uddin Ahmed, Md. Shahidul Islam
Vol 12, No 17 (2013) Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Cyphostemma vogelii (Hook. f.) Desc. root extract in mice Abstract   PDF
RI Udegbunam, SO Udegbunam, GN Anosa
Vol 10, No 55 (2011) Analogies between geminivirus and oncovirus: Cell cycle regulation Abstract   PDF
AM Chapa-Oliver, RG Guevara-González, MM González-Chavira, RV Ocampo-Velázquez, AA Feregrino-Pérez, L Mejía-Teniente, G Herrera-Ruíz, I Torres- Pacheco
Vol 7, No 23 (2008) Analogy of ISSR and RAPD markers for comparative analysis of genetic diversity among different Jatropha curcas genotypes Abstract   PDF
S Gupta, M Srivastava, GP Mishra, PK Naik, RS Chauhan, SK Tiwari, M Kumar, R Singh
Vol 8, No 21 (2009) Analyses of karyotypes and comparative physical locations of the resistance gene, Xa-5, between Oryza sativa and Oryza,/i> officinalis Abstract   PDF
L Hong, C Yan, L Gang, L Xue-qun, Q Rui
Vol 8, No 14 (2009) Analyses of moisture deficit grain yield loss in drought tolerant maize (Zea mays L.) germplasm accessions and its relationship with field performance Abstract   PDF
G Olaoye, OB Bello, AY Abubakar, LS Olayiwola, OA Adesina
Vol 13, No 12 (2014) Analyses of soil cadmium and copper contents on a Domérien soil series of Burgundy in France Abstract   PDF   PDF   PDF
Alain Bermond, Denis Baize, Michel Mench, Sangdeog A Kim
Vol 9, No 10 (2010) Analyses of spatial variations of kenaf in experimental field Abstract   PDF
TO Dauda, OE Asiribo, KS Adekeye, GA Agbaje
Vol 9, No 31 (2010) Analysis and determination of mercury, cadmium and lead in canned tuna fish marketed in Iran Abstract   PDF
E Rahimi, M Hajisalehi, HR Kazemeini, A Chakeri, A Khodabakhsh, M Derakhshesh, M Mirdamadi, AG Ebadi, A Rezvani, FM Kashkahi
Vol 13, No 22 (2014) Analysis and identification of oils from seed extract of Anthonotha macrophylla using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) Abstract   PDF
KC Ugoeze, T Ehianeta, C Alaribe, C Anyakora
Vol 7, No 8 (2008) Analysis and optimization of DNA delivery into chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seedlings by Agrobacterium tumefacience Abstract   PDF
M Akbulut, M Yücel, HA Öktem
Vol 11, No 7 (2012) Analysis and visualization of gene expression data using biclustering: A comparative study Abstract   PDF
FM Al-Akwaa
Vol 13, No 20 (2014) Analysis association of milk fat and protein percent in quantitative trait locus (QTLs) on chromosomes 1, 6, 7 and 20 in Iranian Holstein cattle using ten micro satellite markers Abstract   PDF
A Attar, G Rahimi, MR Nassiri, B Sadeghi
Vol 10, No 82 (2011) Analysis of Rhizoctonia solani isolates associated with sugar beet crown and root rot from Serbia Abstract   PDF
V Stojšin, D Budakov, B Jacobsen, F Bagi, E Grimme, O Neher
Vol 10, No 33 (2011) Analysis of a gum from the exudates of Dichrostachys cinerea (L.) Wight & Am Abstract   PDF
M Gundidza, V Mmbengwa, SR Sibambo, ML Magwa, O Mushisha, E Gundidza, A Samie
Vol 11, No 56 (2012) Analysis of agromorphological diversity of southern Tunisia faba bean (Vicia faba L.) germplasm Abstract   PDF
Yassine Yahia, Arbi Guetat, Walid Elfalleh, Ali Ferchichi, Hédi Yahia, Mohamed Loumerem
Vol 14, No 19 (2015) Analysis of alkaloid phytochemical compounds in the ethanolic extract of Datura stramonium and evaluation of antimicrobial activity Abstract
HJ Altameme, IH Hameed, MA Kareem
Vol 2, No 7 (2003) Analysis of AVR4 promoter by sequential response-element deletion Abstract   PDF
Y.A. Olukosi, B.A. Iwalokun
Vol 11, No 49 (2012) Analysis of bacterial and fungal community structure in replant strawberry rhizosphere soil with denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis Abstract   PDF
Anying Li, Yu Wei, Zhenjun Sun, Tengfei Fan, Lusheng Zhang
Vol 6, No 9 (2007) Analysis of bacterial strains from contaminated and non-contaminated sites for the production of biopolymers Abstract   PDF
MU Arshad, N Jamil, N Naheed, S Hasnain
Vol 5, No 2 (2006) Analysis of B-genome derived simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in Musa spp. Abstract   PDF
CE Oriero, OA Odunola, Y Lokko, I Ingelbrecht
Vol 6, No 3 (2007) Analysis of binding energy activity of TIBO and HIV-RT based on simple consideration for conformational change Abstract   PDF
V Wiwanitkit
Vol 14, No 40 (2015) Analysis of bioactive chemical components of two medicinal plants (Coriandrum sativum and Melia azedarach) leaves using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) Abstract   PDF
AH Al-Marzoqi, IH Hameed, SA Idan
Vol 11, No 8 (2012) Analysis of biofilm formation and associated gene detection in Staphylococcus isolates from bovine mastitis Abstract   PDF
L Li, HJ Yang, DC Liu, HB He, CF Wang, JF Zhong, TD Gao, Y Zeng
Vol 9, No 43 (2010) Analysis of bone mass density of lumbar spine zone of athletes Abstract   PDF
Ibrahim Bozkurt
Vol 9, No 41 (2010) Analysis of bovine growth hormone gene polymorphism of local and Holstein cattle breeds in Kerman province of Iran using polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) Abstract   PDF
MR Mohammadabadi, A Torabi, M Tahmourespoor, A Baghizadeh, A Esmailizadeh Koshkoie, A Mohammadi
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