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Vol 8, No 22 (2009) Helicobacter pylori infection and transmission in Africa: Household hygiene and water sources are plausible factors exacerbating spread Abstract   PDF
C Dube, NF Tanih, AM Clarke, N Mkwetshana, E Green, RN Ndip
Vol 9, No 8 (2010) Huso husoAcute and subacute toxicity study of ethanolic extract of the stem bark of Faidherbia albida (DEL) A. chev (Mimosoidae) in rats Abstract   PDF
SA Oluwakanyinsola, TY Adeniyi, JA Akingbasote, OE Florence
Vol 14, No 23 (2015) In silico approach to identification of a novel gene responsive to submergence stress in rice Abstract   PDF
H Du, M Huang
Vol 12, No 21 (2013) In silico approach towards H5N1 virus protein and transcriptomics-based medication Abstract   PDF
Usman Sumo Friend Tambunan, Arli Aditya Parikesit
Vol 11, No 46 (2012) In silico approaches in the identification of Cryptococcus neoformans chemoreceptors Abstract   PDF
Kah Leong Liew, Jap Meng Jee, Voon Chen Yong
Vol 14, No 20 (2015) In silico characterization and evolution studies of alcohol dehydrogenase gene from Phoenix dactylifera Deglet Nour Abstract   PDF
I Rekik, A Elleuch, N Drire, F Cheour
Vol 11, No 31 (2012) In Silico characterization of growth hormone from freshwater ornamental fishes: Sequence analysis, molecular modelling and phylogeny Abstract   PDF
Chittaranjan Baruah, Umesh C. Goswami, Dhirendra K. Sharma
Vol 9, No 13 (2010) In silico cloning and bioinformatic analysis of PEPCK gene in Fusarium oxysporum Abstract   PDF
L He, Z Guoying, Z Huai-yun, L Lin, L Jun-ang
Vol 11, No 69 (2012) In silico comparative analysis of EST-SSRs in three cotton genomes Abstract   PDF
Daojun Yuan, Shaoguang Liang, Zhongxu Lin, Xianlong Zhang
Vol 11, No 52 (2012) In silico design of cyclic peptides as influenza virus, a subtype H1N1 neuraminidase inhibitor Abstract   PDF
Usman Sumo Friend Tambunan, Noval Amri, Arli Aditya Parikesit
Vol 11, No 19 (2012) In silico identification of BIM-1 (2-methyl-1H-indol-3-yl) as a potential therapeutic agent against elevated protein kinase C beta associated diseases Abstract   PDF
U Saeed, N Nawaz, Y Waheed, N Chaudry, HT Bhatti, S Urooj, H Waheed, M Ashraf, UHK Naizi
Vol 12, No 16 (2013) In silico modeling of lipase H Abstract   PDF
Ammara Jabeen, Asif Mir, Nyla Jabeen, Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak, Naveeda Riaz
Vol 11, No 59 (2012) In vitro propagation of Ceropegia thwaitesii Hook- an endemic species of Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India Abstract   PDF
S Muthukrishnan, JH Franklin Benjamin, M Muthukumar, N Ahamed sherif, T Senthil kumar, MV Rao
Vol 2, No 11 (2003) In vitro activity of commercial formulation and active principle of trypanocidal drugs against blooststreams forms of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense Abstract   PDF
Clarisse Lekane Likeufack, Lisette Kohagne Tongue, Philippe Truc
Vol 10, No 29 (2011) In vitro adventitious shoot regeneration and acclimatisation of Brassica oleracea subsp. italica cv. Green Marvel Abstract   PDF
SA Ravanfar, MA Aziz, MA Kadir, AA Rashid, F Haddadi
Vol 8, No 8 (2009) In vitro and in vivo animal model antitrypanosomal evaluation of ten medicinal plant extracts from south west Nigeria Abstract   PDF
RE Antia, JO Olayemi, OO Aina, EO Ajaiyeoba
Vol 12, No 18 (2013) In vitro and in vivo preliminary results on Spirulina platensis for treatment of impetigo: Topical cream application Abstract   PDF
Saly F Gheda, Maha A Khalil, Shereen F Gheida
Vol 11, No 46 (2012) In vitro and in vivo trypanocidal activity of Combretum racemosum leaves Abstract   PDF
JI Eze, GN Anosa, CA Ozota
Vol 13, No 52 (2014) In vitro anthelmintic effects of crude aqueous extracts of Tephrosia vogelii, Tephrosia villosa and Carica papaya leaves and seeds Abstract   PDF
C Odhong, RG Wahome, M Vaarst, S Nalubwama, N Halberg, S Githigia
Vol 3, No 9 (2004) In vitro anti trypanosomal activity of some medicinal plants used in the treatment of trypanosomosis in Northern Nigeria Abstract   PDF
AU Wurochekke, AJ Nok
Vol 4, No 9 (2005): In vitro antibacterial activity of Synclisa scabrida whole root extracts Abstract   PDF
S Okoli, CU Iroegbu
Vol 12, No 51 (2013) In vitro antibacterial activity of alkaloid extracts from green, red and brown macroalgae from western coast of Libya Abstract   PDF
Rabia Alghazeer, Fauzi Whida, Entesar Abduelrhman, Fatiem Gammoudi, Mahboba Naili
Vol 11, No 6 (2012) In vitro antibacterial activity of crude ethanol, acetone and aqueous Garcinia kola seed extracts on selected clinical isolates Abstract   PDF
PE Ghamba, EB Agbo, AF Umar, DN Bukbuk, LJ Goje
Vol 10, No 30 (2011) In vitro antibacterial and radical scavenging activities of Malaysian table salad Abstract   PDF
NAA Mohd Nazri, N Ahmat, A Adnan, SA Syed Mohamad, SA Syaripah Ruzaina
Vol 10, No 14 (2011) In vitro antifungal activities of 26 plant extracts on mycelial growth of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary Abstract   PDF
Yusuf Yanar, Izzet Kadioğlu, Ayhan Gökçe, Ibrahim Demirtas, Nezhun Gören, Halit Çam, Mark Whalon
Vol 12, No 10 (2013) In vitro antifungal activity of Argemone ochroleuca Sweet latex against some pathogenic fungi Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud FM Moustafa, Saad A Alamri, Tarek H Taha, Sulaiman A Alrumman
Vol 15, No 3 (2016) In vitro antifungal activity of Dorstenia mannii leaf extracts (Moraceae) Abstract   PDF
Kechia Frederick Agem, Gerald Ngo Teke, Ngameni Bathelemy, Fokunang Charles, Dzoyem Jean-Paul, Kamga Henri Lucien
Vol 7, No 23 (2008) In vitro antifungal activity of methanol extracts of some Indian medicinal plants against pathogenic yeast and moulds Abstract   PDF
J Parekh, S Chanda
Vol 14, No 46 (2015) In vitro antifungal activity of Dorstenia mannii leaf extracts (Moraceae) Abstract   PDF
Kechia Frederick Agem, Gerald Ngo Teke, Bathelemy Ngameni, Charles Fokunang, Jean Paul Dzoyem, Henri Lucien Kamga
Vol 10, No 54 (2011) In vitro antiglycation activity of Eremurus persicus (Jaub. Et Sp.) Boiss Abstract   PDF
J Asgarpanah, G Amin, M Parviz
Vol 11, No 23 (2012) In vitro anti-hyperglycaemic effect of glucocapparin isolated from the seeds of Boscia senegalensis (Pers.) Lam. ex Poiret Abstract   PDF
MNA Sakine, Y Mahmout, MG Dijoux-Franca, J Gbenou, M Moudachirou
Vol 12, No 39 (2013) In vitro anti-inflammatory and phytochemical properties of crude ethyl acetate extract of Baliospermum montanum Leaf (Muell – Arg) Abstract   PDF
P Lalitha, P Gayathiri
Vol 7, No 20 (2008) In vitro antimicrobial and phytochemical properties of crude extract of stem bark of Afzelia africana (Smith) Abstract   PDF
DA Akinpelu, OA Aiyegoro, AI Okoh
Vol 6, No 4 (2007) In vitro antimicrobial characteristics of bacteriocinproducing Lactobacillus strains from Nigerian indigenous fermented foods Abstract   PDF
AAO Ogunshe, MA Omotoso, JA Adeyeye
Vol 13, No 18 (2014) In vitro antimicrobial potential of organic solvent extracts of novel actinomycetes isolated from forest soil Abstract   PDF
M Valan Arasu, TS Rejiniemon, NA Al-Dhabi, V Duraipandiyan, P Agastian, VAJ Huxley, CE Song, KC Choi
Vol 15, No 14 (2016) In vitro antimicrobial properties of friedelan-3-one from Pterocarpus santalinoides L’Herit, ex Dc Abstract   PDF
Ichiko Chic Odeh, Terrumun Amom Tor-Anyiin, John Ogbaji Igoli, John Vershima Anyam
Vol 12, No 31 (2013) In vitro antioxidant activity and inhibitory hepatic steatosis effect on oleic acid-induced fatty liver model of consecutive extracts from Rosa davurica Pall Abstract   PDF
Ying Wei, Muyi Cai, Ruizeng Gu, Jun Lu, Feng Lin, Baoping Ji
Vol 9, No 24 (2010) In vitro antioxidant analysis of Achillea tenuifolia Abstract   PDF
H Asgarirad, F Pourmorad, SJ Hosseinimehr, S Saeidnia, MA Ebrahimzadeh, F Lotfi
Vol 9, No 51 (2010) In vitro antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity of Leonurus cardiaca subsp. Persicus, Grammosciadium platycarpum and Onosma demawendicum Abstract   PDF
MA Ebrahimzadeh, SF Nabavi, SM Nabavi, B Eslami, H Asgarirad
Vol 10, No 36 (2011) In vitro antioxidant properties of polysaccharides from Armillaria mellea in batch fermentation Abstract   PDF
MY Lung, YC Chang
Vol 9, No 53 (2010) In vitro antisickling activities and phytochemical evaluation of Plumbago zeylanica and Uvaria chamae Abstract   PDF
OE Adejumo, AL Kolapo, OP Roleola, LS Kasim
Vol 9, No 40 (2010) In vitro antitumor activity of Gracilaria corticata (a red alga) against Jurkat and molt-4 human cancer cell lines Abstract   PDF
K Zandi, S Tajbakhsh, I Nabipour, Z Rastian, F Yousefi, S Sharafian, K Sartavi
Vol 6, No 14 (2007) In vitro assays for bioactivity-guided isolation of antisalmonella and antioxidant compounds in Thonningia sanguinea flowers Abstract   PDF
JD N’Guessan, AP Bidié, BN Lenta, B Weniger, P André, F Guédé-Guina
Vol 7, No 19 (2008) In vitro assessment of antibacterial activity of bark extracts of Khaya senegalensis Abstract   PDF
M Sale, N De, JH Doughari, MS Pukuma
Vol 8, No 20 (2009) In vitro assessment of cytotoxicity of giomer on human gingival fibroblasts Abstract   PDF
R Pourabbas, S Farajnia, S Kimya, L Mohammadnejad, A Johnson, T Nejatian
Vol 6, No 21 (2007) In vitro basal and nodal microtuberization in yam shoot cultures (Discorea rotundata poir, cv. Obiaoturugo) under nutritional stress conditions Abstract   PDF
ENA Mbanaso, LI Chukwu, MUA Opara
Vol 9, No 32 (2010) In vitro bulblet regeneration from immature embryos of Muscari azureum Abstract   PDF
S Uranbey
Vol 12, No 30 (2013) In vitro callus formation in cultivated and wild species of Cyamopsis Abstract   PDF
Anju Ahlawat, Hans Raj Dhingra, Surender Kumar Pahuja
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) In vitro callus induction and plant regeneration from mature seed embryo and young shoots in a giant sympodial bamboo, Dendrocalamus farinosus (Keng et Keng f.) Chia et H.L. Fung Abstract   PDF
SL Hu, JY Zhou, Y Cao, XQ Lu, N Duan, P Ren, K Chen
Vol 12, No 15 (2013) In vitro cell culture of Charybdis congesta for enhanced production of secondary metabolites: Proscillaridin A, Scillaren A and Scilliroside Abstract   PDF
A Shiva Reddy, P Sita Devi, S Ravi Kiran
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