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Issue Title
Vol 8, No 10 (2009) Transient expression of β-glucuronidase reporter gene in Agrobacterium-inoculated shoots of various teak clones Abstract   PDF
SN Widiyanto, A Sukmawan, N Haro, H Rahmania
Vol 11, No 22 (2012) Transient expression of acidic fibroblast growth factor in pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants Abstract   PDF
Y Fan, W Li, X Zhu, X Wang
Vol 10, No 60 (2011) Transient post-exercise hyper-perspiration of forehead area Abstract   PDF
AM Reza, A Naser, K Saeed
Vol 10, No 13 (2011) Trans-sialidase-like gene from the bloodstream form of Trypanosoma evansi conserves most of the active site residues and motifs found in Trypanosomal sialidases and trans-sialidases Abstract   PDF
B Yakubu, AJ Nok, I Sanni, HM Inuwa
Vol 9, No 14 (2010) Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections: Mitigating factors and prospective natural remedies Abstract   PDF
CE Manyi-Loh, AM Clarke, NF Mkwetshana, RN Ndip
Vol 15, No 4 (2016) Treatment of domestic wastewater by anaerobic denitrification: Influence of the type of support media on the production of extracellular polymer substances Abstract   PDF
Salama Youssef, Chennaoui Mohammed, Sylla Aboubakr, Mountadar Mohammed, Rihani Mohammed, Assobhei Omar
Vol 5, No 18 (2006) Treatment of textile sludge using anaerobic technology Abstract   PDF
IO Asia, NA Oladoja, EE Bamuza-Pemu
Vol 9, No 38 (2010) Treatment of wastewater from rubber industry in Malaysia Abstract   PDF
M Mohammadi, HC Man, MA Hassan, PL Yee
Vol 9, No 44 (2010) Treatment performance of small-scale vermifilter for domestic wastewater and its relationship to earthworm growth, reproduction and enzymatic activity Abstract   PDF
Meiyan Xing, Xiaowei Li, Jian Yang
Vol 6, No 25 (2007) Trends in industrial and environmental biotechnology research in Tanzania Abstract   PDF
GYS Mtui
Vol 9, No 37 (2010) Trends in phytoremediation of toxic elemental and organic pollutants Abstract   PDF
CO Nwoko
Vol 15, No 21 (2016) Trials to improve the response of Orechromis niloticus to Aeromonas hydrophila vaccine using immunostimulants (garlic, Echinacea) and probiotics (Organic GreenTM and Vet-YeastTM) Abstract   PDF
Salah Mesalhy Aly, Mohamed A Al Zohairy, Arshad H Rahmani, Mohamed Fathi, Nashwa M Abdel Atti
Vol 8, No 7 (2009) Trino IB ameliorates the oxidative stress of cryptorchidism in the rat Abstract   PDF
AO Afolabi, O Aluko, O Oyewopo, BM Olabinri, O Olotu, Y Raji
Vol 12, No 41 (2013) Tuberculosis treatment raises total cholesterol level and restores high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLC) in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis Abstract   PDF
Dewanou Casimir Akpovi, Lucette H. Senami Gbaguidi, Eugénie Anago, Dissou Affolabi, Tamègnon Victorien Dougnon, Franck Faihun, Sévérin Anagonou
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) Tulathromycin disturbs blood oxidative and coagulation status Abstract   PDF
A Er, E Ulutas, F Altan, G Cetin, A Bulbul, M Elmas, E Yazar
Vol 12, No 15 (2013) Tumor formation in hybrids between Solanum lycopersicum and S. habrochaites Abstract   PDF
Takahiro Tezuka, Hidenobu Okinaka, Masayuki Oda
Vol 8, No 14 (2009) Turbidity and microbial load removal from river water using bioflocculants from indigenous bacteria isolated from wastewater in South Africa Abstract   PDF
SP Buthelezi, AO Olaniran, B Pillay
Vol 10, No 52 (2011) Twenty putative palmitoyl-acyl transferase genes with distinct expression patterns in Arabidopsis thaliana Abstract   PDF
Q Wang, J Sun, L Bao, J Lian, H Zhao
Vol 9, No 16 (2010) Two electrophoreses in different pH buffers to purify forest soil DNA contaminated with humic substances Abstract   PDF
W Hou, B Lian, S Rothenberg
Vol 9, No 11 (2010) Two maternal origins of Chinese domestic light-body type goose Abstract   PDF
HF Li, WQ Zhu, KW Chen, WT Song, JT Shu, W Han, WJ Xu
Vol 5, No 20 (2006) Two mini-preparation protocols to DNA extraction from plants with high polysaccharide and secondary metabolites Abstract   PDF
C Sánchez-Hernández, JC Gaytán-Oyarzún
Vol 10, No 12 (2011) Two novel missense mutations in bovine ATGL gene and their association with economic traits in Qinchuan cattle Abstract   PDF
H Cui, Q Meng, Y Qu, H Liu, C Feng, H Wang, Y Liu, L Zan, N Li
Vol 11, No 101 (2012) Two step culture for production of recombinant herpes simplex virus type 2 glycoprotein D in immobilized Spodoptera frugiperda cells Abstract   PDF
Tao Liu, Hui-jun Dong, Ji-feng Liu, Wei Zheng, Zhi-cheng Huang, Shui-fen Zhu
Vol 10, No 74 (2011) Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of different parts of Panax quinquefolius L. root Abstract   PDF
L Sun, X Lei, R Ma, R Jiang, D Zhao, Y Wang
Vol 13, No 34 (2014) Two-dimensional profiling of Xanthomonas campestris pv. viticola proteins extracted by four different methods Abstract   PDF
M de Lira Guerra, CB Malafaia, TD da Silva, R de Lima Ramos Mariano, MV da Silva, EB de Souza
Vol 10, No 42 (2011) Type I collagen from bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) fallopian tube Abstract   PDF
T Wang, S Lin, Y Shen, S Liu, T Wang-McCall, M Chin, T Lin, C Yang, W Wu, C Yang
Vol 11, No 37 (2012) Types and distribution of mucous cells of the abalone Haliotis diversicolor Abstract   PDF
Guilan Di, Jianbin Ni, Zhaoxia Zhang, Weiwei You, Bo Wang, Caihuan Ke
Vol 11, No 67 (2012) Types of gene effects governing the inheritance of oleic and linoleic acids in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Abstract   PDF
Nattawut Singkham, Sanun Jogloy, Bhalang Suriharn, Thawan Kesmala, Prasan Swatsitang, Prasit Jaisil, Naveen Puppala, Aran Patanothai
Vol 11, No 27 (2012) Ultramicromorphological observation of Usnea longissima Ach. Abstract   PDF
H Yunzhe, H Tang, Z Zhang
Vol 8, No 21 (2009) Ultramicroscopic observation of recombinant adenoassociated virus type 2 on the surface of formvarcarbon coated copper grids under different relative humidity and incubation time using negative stain transmission electron microscopy Abstract   PDF
S Liu, C Niu, X Li, H Chen
Vol 10, No 25 (2011) Ultrasonic extraction of flavonoids and phenolics from loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) flowers Abstract   PDF
CH Zhou, X Li, CD Sun, KS Chen
Vol 10, No 56 (2011) Ultrasound sensitizes chemotherapy in chemoresistant ovarian cancers Abstract   PDF
Y Lou, Y Zhang, H He, Y Liu, P Huang, T Yu
Vol 11, No 79 (2012) Ultrasound-assisted degradation of a new bacterial exopolysaccharide WL-26 from Sphingomonas sp. Abstract   PDF
Wei Jia, Li Zhu, Jin-Song Zhang, Xiao-Bei Zhan, Yan-Yan Bai, Shuai Zhou, Yan-Fang Liu, Zhi-Yong Zheng, Chi-Chung Lin
Vol 11, No 25 (2012) Ultrastructural changes of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) root colonized by Glomus mosseae and Ralstonia solanacearum Abstract   PDF
MM Tahat, K Sijam, R Othman
Vol 10, No 19 (2011) Ultrastructural description of the corpora allata of Pimpla turionellae L. (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) Abstract   PDF
A Özlük, N Gül, A Muhammed
Vol 11, No 30 (2012) Ultra-structural study of Egyptian Buffalo oocytes before and after in vitro maturation Abstract   PDF
IAH Barakat, HM El–Ashmaoui, A Barkawi, SA Kandeal, E EL-Nahass
Vol 9, No 41 (2010) Ultrastructure of antennal sensillae of the samsum ant, Pachycondyla sennaarensis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Abstract   PDF
Mohammed I Siddiqui, Ashraf MA Mashaly, Ashraf M Ahmed, Fahd A Al-Mekhlafi, Mohamed S Al-Khalifa
Vol 9, No 36 (2010) Ultrastructures of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and its damage in huanglongbing (HLB) infected citrus Abstract   PDF
Hajivand Shokrollah, Thohirah Lee Abdullah, Kamaruzaman Sijam, Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah
Vol 5, No 22 (2006) Ultrastuctural study of the phagocytic activities of splenic macrophages in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Abstract   PDF
SA Agbede, OK Adeyemo, OB Adedeji, AU Junaid
Vol 7, No 25 (2008) Ultraviolet and environmental stresses involved in the induction and regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis: A review Abstract   PDF
J Guo, W Han, M Wang
Vol 14, No 6 (2015) Understanding the efficacy of influent waste water on microbial community structure of activated sludge process Abstract   PDF
MP Shah
Vol 9, No 54 (2010) Understanding the relationship between indigenous (traditional) knowledge systems (IKS), and access to genetic resources and benefits sharing (ABS) Abstract   PDF
C Percy, M Isaac, C Pamela
Vol 15, No 10 (2016) Unexplored vegetal green synthesis of silver nanoparticles: A preliminary study with Corchorus olitorus Linn and Ipomea batatas (L.) Lam Abstract   PDF
François Eya’ane Meva, Marcelle Loretta Segnou, Cecile Okalla Ebongue, Agnes Antoinette Ntoumba, Djiopang Yadou Steve, Fanny Aimee Essombe Malolo, Lidwine Ngah, Harouna Massai, Emmanuel Mpondo Mpondo
Vol 9, No 49 (2010) Unfavorable apoAI-containing lipoproteins profile in Tunisian obese women group Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Barkia, Kamel Mohamed, Moncef Nasri
Vol 10, No 46 (2011) Unintended effects were investigated in antioxidant activity between genetically modified organisms and their nontransgenic control Abstract   PDF
W Xu, F Guo, X Zhou, Y Shang, Y Yuan, F Zhang, K Huang
Vol 11, No 10 (2012) Univariate stability analysis methods for determining genotype × environment interaction of durum wheat grain yield Abstract   PDF
R Karimizadeh, M Mohammadi, N Sabaghnia, MK Shefazadeh, J Pouralhossini
Vol 15, No 40 (2016) Unraveling possible association between quantitative trait loci (QTL) for partial resistance and nonhost resistance in food barley (Hordeum vulgaris L.) Abstract   PDF
A.A. Dido, F.K.S. Yeo, R.E. Niks
Vol 8, No 9 (2009) Unsaturated fatty acid: Metabolism, synthesis and gene regulation Abstract   PDF
Q Wu, T Liu, H Liu, G Zheng
Vol 8, No 20 (2009) Up-flow immobilized fungal Column Reactor for the Treatment of Anthraquinone dye Drimarene blue Ksub>2RL Abstract   PDF
MF Siddiqui, S Andleeb, N Ali, PB Ghumro, S Ahmed
Vol 11, No 2 (2012) Up-regulation of Robo1 in dorsal root ganglia after sciatic nerve transection in rats Abstract   PDF
LF Zheng, SJ Zheng, ZJ Ma, YZ Xu, XN Yi, GX Zhang
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