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Vol 13, No 34 (2014) Use of spent compost in the cultivation of Agaricus blazei Abstract   PDF
GM Favara, C Sales-Campos, MT de Almeida Minhoni, OAAP Siqueira, MCN de Andrade
Vol 8, No 15 (2009) Use of the RAPD-PCR fingerprinting and API system for clustering lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional Sudanese sour milk (Roab) Abstract   PDF
A Hamza, E Gaali, A Mahdi
Vol 10, No 80 (2011) Use of wing morphometry for the discrimination of some Cerceris (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Crabronidae species) Abstract   PDF
S Yüksel, A Tüzün
Vol 10, No 3 (2011) Using Ferula assafoetida essential oil as adult carob moth repellent in Qom pomegranate orchards (Iran) Abstract   PDF
M Peyrovi, SH Goldansaz, KT Jahromi
Vol 9, No 37 (2010) Using a sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR) marker for detection of Bacillus strain TS02 sprayed on strawberry plants to bio-control powdery mildew in fields Abstract   PDF
C Chen, W Zhang, W Gao, W Chen, A Li, Y Zhang, H Liu, L Zhang
Vol 2, No 12 (2003) Using biotechnology to enhance host resistance to aflatoxin contamination of corn Abstract   PDF
Robert L Brown, Chen Zhi-Yuan, Abebe Menkir, Thomas E Cleveland
Vol 8, No 9 (2009) Using current molecular techniques for rapid differentiation of Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Typhimurium Abstract   PDF
R Jordan, E van Heerden, LA Piater
Vol 9, No 25 (2010) Using flotation in ethanol to separate filled and empty seeds of Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana Abstract   PDF
MD Avsar
Vol 11, No 3 (2012) Using innovation platforms to scale out soil acidity-ameliorating technologies in Dedza district in central Malawi Abstract   PDF
VH Kabambe, ADC Chilimba, A Ngwira, M Mbawe, G Kambauwa, P Mapfumo
Vol 11, No 29 (2012) Using inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers to study genetic polymorphism of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) in Algeria Abstract   PDF
Kebour Djamila, Boutekrabt Ammar, Mefti Med
Vol 8, No 10 (2009) Using microsatellite (SSR) and morphological markers to assess the genetic diversity of 12 falcata (Medicago sativa spp. falcata) populations from Eurasia Abstract   PDF
P Li, Y Wang, X Sun, J Han
Vol 9, No 5 (2010) Using molecular techniques for rapid detection of Salmonella serovars in frozen chicken and chicken products collected from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
IM Moussa, MA Gassem, AA Al-Doss, WAM Sadik, AAL Mawgood
Vol 10, No 64 (2011) Using optimized random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers to identify the category status of Citrus nobilis Lour. Gonggan Abstract   PDF
J Qian-hua, Z Ji-wu, G Yan-jun
Vol 10, No 62 (2011) Using orthogonal design to determine optimal conditions for intergeneric protoplasts fusion between Mingxian169 and Y2155a Abstract   PDF
L Wang, Z Yao, F Zhao, J Su, Y Gao
Vol 4, No 12 (2005) Using rating to evaluate quality of peanut products Abstract   PDF
BM Ogunsanwo, OOP Faboya, OR Idowu, GO Adewuyi
Vol 10, No 3 (2011) Using relative penetration and maleness indices in Meloidogyne incognita to establish resistance type in Cucumis myriocarpus Abstract   PDF
KM Pofu, PW Mashela
Vol 11, No 38 (2012) Utilisation of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources by Scleroderma sinnamariense Mont. isolated from Gnetum africanum Welw. Abstract   PDF
Eneke Esoeyang Tambe Bechem
Vol 11, No 69 (2012) Utility of adzuki bean [Vigna angularis (Willd.) Ohwi & Ohashi] simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in genetic analysis of mungbean and related Vigna spp. Abstract   PDF
HK Dikshit, D Singh, Akanksha Singh, Neelu Jain, Jyoti Kumari, TR Sharma
Vol 10, No 77 (2011) Utilization of biodiesel waste as a feedstock for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate by Cupriavidus necator Abstract   PDF
K Sangkharak, P Prasertsan
Vol 11, No 31 (2012) Utilization of bio-waste cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) stalks and underutilized paulownia (paulownia fortunie) in wood-based composite particleboard Abstract   PDF
Hossein Khanjanzadeh, Ali Akbar Bahmani, Ali Rafighi, Taghi Tabarsa
Vol 9, No 51 (2010) Utilization of bitter vegetable leaves (Gongronema latifolium, Vernonia amygdalina) and Garcinia kola extracts as substitutes for hops in sorghum beer production Abstract   PDF
W Adenuga, ON Olaleye, PA Adepoju
Vol 4, No 9 (2005): Utilization of carbon and nitrogen sources by Streptomyces kanamyceticus M 27 for the production of an Anti bacterial antibiotic Abstract   PDF
A Pandey, A Shukla, SK Majumdar
Vol 13, No 15 (2014) Utilization of chitinolytic bacterial isolates to control anthracnose of cocoa leaf caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Abstract   PDF
Dwi Suryanto, Sri Wahyuni, Edy Batara Mulya Siregar, Erman Munir
Vol 2, No 12 (2003) Utilization of fungi for biotreatment of raw wastewaters Abstract   PDF
Lacina Coulibaly, Germain Gourene, N Spiros Agathos
Vol 11, No 36 (2012) Utilization of hydrogen gas production for electricity generation in fuel cell by Enterobacter aerogenes ADH 43 with many kinds of carbon sources in batch stirred tank reactor Abstract   PDF
MA Rachman, LD Eniya, Y Liasari, MM Nasef, A Ahmad, H Saidi
Vol 8, No 8 (2009) Utilization of maize (Zea mays) cob as an adsorbent for lead (II) removal from aqueous solutions and industrial effluents Abstract   PDF
BO Opeolu
Vol 8, No 22 (2009) Utilization of mouldy sorghum and Cassia tora through fermentation for feed purposes Abstract   PDF
V Siruguri, C Ganguly, RV Bhat
Vol 4, No 2 (2005): Utilization of petroleum hydrocarbons by Pseudomonas sp. and transformed E. coli Abstract   PDF
G Emtiazi, H Shakarami, I Nahvi, S H Mirdamadian
Vol 13, No 17 (2014) Utilization of seafood processing wastes for cultivation of the edible mushroom Pleurotus flabellatus Abstract   PDF
Subbu S lakshmi, R Sornaraj
Vol 8, No 1 (2009) Utilization of soya protein as an alternative protein source in Oreochromis niloticus diet: Growth performance, feed utilization, proximate composition and organoleptic characteristics Abstract   PDF
AR Koumi, BC Atse, LP Kouame
Vol 9, No 19 (2010) Utilization of sun-dried on-farm generated poultry litter as a feed resource for growing-finishing pigs Abstract   PDF
AOK Adesehinwa, OO Obi, BA Makanjuola, AO Adebayo, ES Durotoye
Vol 14, No 1 (2015) Utilization of sweet potato starches and flours as composites with wheat flours in the preparation of confectioneries Abstract   PDF
HA Etudaiye, E Oti, C Aniedu, MR Omodamiro
Vol 8, No 17 (2009) Utilization of Tephrosia vogelii in controlling ticks in dairy cows by small-scale commercial farmers in Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
C Gadzirayi, E Mutandwa, M Mwale, T Chindundu
Vol 5, No 17 (2006) Utilization of various industrial wastes for the production of poly-b-hydroxy butyrate (PHB) by Alcaligenes eutrophus Abstract   PDF
A Arun, RM Murrugappan, ADD Ravindran, V Veeramanikandan, S Balaji
Vol 11, No 61 (2012) Utilizing ultrasonic energy for reduction of free fatty acids in crude palm oil Abstract   PDF
Adeeb Hayyan, Farouq S. Mjalli, Maan Hayyan, Inas M. Alnashef, Mohamed E. S. Mirghani
Vol 10, No 12 (2011) Vaccination with apoptosis colorectal cancer cell pulsed autologous dendritic cells in advanced colorectal cancer patients: Report from a clinical observation Abstract   PDF
CQ Bao, C Jin, BH Xu, YL Gu, JP Li, X Lu
Vol 9, No 8 (2010) Validated high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for analysis of zerumbone in plasma Abstract   PDF
EEM Eid, AB Abdul, AS Al-Zubairi, MA Sukari, R Abdullah
Vol 14, No 46 (2015) Validating simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for introgression of stay-green quantitative trait loci (QTLs) into elite sorghum lines Abstract   PDF
R Edema, GL Amoding
Vol 14, No 9 (2015) Validation of a reference gene for transcript analysis in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and its application in analysis of linamarase and α-hydroxynitrile lyase expression at different growth stages Abstract   PDF
S Whankaew, S Sraphet, R Thaikert, O Boonseng, DR Smith, K Triwitayakorn
Vol 8, No 24 (2009) valuation of rapeseed genotypes for yield and oil quality under rainfed conditions of district Mansehra Abstract   PDF
I Rahman, H Ahmad, I Sirajuddin, I Ahmad, FM Abbasi, M Islam, S Ghafoor
Vol 9, No 54 (2010) Value-adding post harvest processing of cooking bananas (Musa spp. AAB and ABB genome groups) Abstract   PDF
TA Adeniji, A Tenkouano, JN Ezurike, CO Ariyo, I Vroh-Bi
Vol 10, No 79 (2011) Variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis of seedling traits and yield in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Abstract   PDF
A Irum, A Tabasum, MZ Iqbal
Vol 12, No 34 (2013) Variability in seed traits, oil content and genetic diversity in local and exotic accessions of Jatropha curcas L. in Senegal Abstract   PDF
Khadidiatou Ndoye Ndir, Mohameth Kane, Bassiaka Ouattara, Roger Bayala, Ibrahima Diedhiou
Vol 10, No 59 (2011) Variability of characteristics in new experimental hybrids of early cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) Abstract   PDF
C Janko, GV Jelica, G Svetlana, D Sasa
Vol 10, No 52 (2011) Variability salt stress response analysis of Tunisian natural populations of Medicago truncatula (Fabaceae) using salt response index (SRI) ratio Abstract   PDF
S Arraouadi, M Badri, W Taamalli, T Huguet, ME Aouani
Vol 13, No 51 (2014) Variants of NAT2 polymorphisms: Intra and inter-ethnic differences Abstract   PDF
N Chauhan, H Padh
Vol 11, No 92 (2012) Variation and long term regenerative capacity of two important tropical forage legumes: Cavalcade (Centrosema pascuorum cv. Cavalcade) and Stylo 184 (Stylosanthes guianensis CIAT184) in vitro Abstract   PDF
Varaporn Veraplakorn, Malee Na Nakorn, Lily Kaveeta, Srisom Suwanwong, Ian James Bennett
Vol 10, No 21 (2011) Variation for carbon isotope ratio in a set of emmer (Triticum dicoccum Schrank) and bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) accessions Abstract   PDF
P Konvalina, I Capouchova, Z Stehno, J Moudry, J Moudrý jr., L Márton
Vol 8, No 5 (2009) Variation in coumarin accumulation by stem age in Dendrobium thyrsiflorum (Orchidaceae) at different developmental stages Abstract   PDF
Z Yan, X Luoshan, W Zhengtao, Z Chaoying
Vol 4, No 11 (2005) Variation in diosgenin level in seed kernels among different provenances of Balanites aegyptiaca Del (Zygophyllaceae) and its correlation with oil content Abstract   PDF
B Chapagain, Z Wiesman
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