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Vol 10, No 5 (2011) Anti-herpes simplex virus activity of extracts from the culinary herbs Ocimum sanctum L., Ocimum basilicum L. and Ocimum americanum L. Abstract   PDF
R Yucharoen, S Anuchapreeda, Y Tragoolpua
Vol 9, No 12 (2010) Anti-HIV-1 protease activities of crude extracts of some Garcinia species growing in Tanzania Abstract   PDF
JJ Magadula, S Tewtrakul
Vol 11, No 70 (2012) Anti-hyperlipidemic and biochemical effect of extract of Tulbaghia violacea rhizomes on high cholesterol diet fed rats Abstract   PDF
OS Olorunnisola, G Bradley, AJ Afolayan
Vol 8, No 20 (2009) Anti-inflammation activity and chemical composition of flower essential oil from Hedychium coronarium Abstract   PDF
Y Lu, CX Zhong, L Wang, C Lu, XL Li, PJ Wang
Vol 11, No 12 (2012) Anti-inflammatory activities of enzymatic (alcalase) hydrolysate of a whey protein concentrate Abstract   PDF
LB de Carvalho-Silva, MTB Pacheco, R Bertoldo, C de Carvalho Veloso, LC Teodoro, A Giusti-Paiva, PCB Lollo, R Soncini
Vol 10, No 42 (2011) Anti-inflammatory activity and a new compound isolated from aerial parts of Myrsine africana Abstract   PDF
B Ahmad, S Azam, S Bashir, A Adhikari, F Hussain
Vol 7, No 8 (2008) Anti-inflammatory activity of Syzygium cumini seed Abstract   PDF
A Kumar, R Ilavarasan, T Jayachandran, M Deecaraman, RM Kumar, P Aravindan, N Padmanabhan, MRV Krishan
Vol 8, No 21 (2009) Anti-inflammatory activity of and Acalypha alopecuroides Abstract   PDF
MA Zavala-Sánchez, C Pérez-González, L Arias-García, S Pérez-Gutiérrez
Vol 6, No 10 (2007) Anti-inflammatory activity of Ruta graveolens Linn on carrageenan induced paw edema in wistar male rats Abstract   PDF
M Ratheesh, A Helen
Vol 8, No 10 (2009) Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities of the aqueous extract of Hippobromus pauciflorus (L.f) Radlk leaves in male Wistar rats Abstract   PDF
SC Pendota, MT Yakubu, DS Grierson, AJ Afolayan
Vol 11, No 26 (2012) Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of the aqueous extract of Leonotis leonurus leaves in rats Abstract   PDF
V Maphosa, AA Adedapo, B Moyo, PJ Masika
Vol 9, No 8 (2010) Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of the methanol extract of Malva parviflora Linn (Malvaceae) in rats Abstract   PDF
AJ Afolayan, OM Aboyade, AA Adedapo, MO Sofidiya
Vol 9, No 51 (2010) Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of water extract from Ipomoea asarifolia Desr (Convolvulaceae) Abstract   PDF
U Lawal, H Ibrahim, A Agunu, Y Abdulahi
Vol 11, No 80 (2012) Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of coral reef associated gastropod, Trochus tentorium from Tuticorin coastal waters, Southeastern India Abstract   PDF
C Chellaram, T Prem Anand, G Kuberan, A Alex John, G Priya, B Arvind Kumar
Vol 12, No 6 (2013) Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects of Sterculia tragacantha fractions in mice Abstract   PDF
Rita I Udegbunam, Uzoma I Asuzu, Raphael O Kene, Chidubem T Oyiga, Sunday O Udegbunam, Chinaka C Nwaehujor
Vol 10, No 73 (2011) Anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-oxidant activities of organic extracts from the Mediterranean seaweed, Cystoseira crinita Abstract   PDF
L Mhadhebi, A Laroche-Clary, J Robert, A Bouraoui
Vol 8, No 16 (2009) Anti-inflammatory effects of ginsenosides from Panax ginseng and their structural analogs Abstract   PDF
J Park, J Cho
Vol 10, No 20 (2011) Anti-inflammatory evaluation of immature fruit and seed aqueous extracts from several populations of Tunisian Citrullus colocynthis Schrad Abstract   PDF
B Marzouk, Z Marzouk, E Haloui, M Turki, A Bouraoui, M Aouni, N Fenina
Vol 11, No 7 (2012) Anti-Inflammatory molecular mechanisms of Bo-Ye-Niu- Pi-Xiao (Cynanchum taiwanianum Yamazaki) Abstract   PDF
H Lee, T Wang, T Lin, J Guo, C Yang, Y Shen
Vol 6, No 16 (2007) Anti-inflammatory studies of yam (Dioscorea esculenta) extract on wistar rats Abstract   PDF
JO Olayemi, EO Ajaiyeoba
Vol 9, No 23 (2010) Anti-malarial activity of ethanolic leaf extract of Piliostigma thonningii Schum. (Caesalpiniacea) in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei berghei Abstract   PDF
AA Madara, JA Ajayi, OA Salawu, AY Tijani
Vol 11, No 11 (2012) Antimicrobial action of purified raspberry flavonoid Abstract   PDF
J Sun, HX Zhu, J Guo, DG Xiao
Vol 11, No 11 (2012) Antimicrobial activities of Moringa oleifera Lam leaf extracts Abstract   PDF
B Moyo, PJ Masika, V Muchenje
Vol 5, No 18 (2006) Antimicrobial activities of Vernonia tenoreana Abstract   PDF
AO Ogundare, FC Adetuyi, FA Akinyosoye
Vol 10, No 85 (2011) Antimicrobial activities of different solvents extracted samples of Linum usitatissimum by disc diffusion method Abstract   PDF
J Bakht, H Ali, MA Khan, A Khan, M Saeed, M Shafi, A Islam, M Tayyab
Vol 11, No 89 (2012) Antimicrobial activities of essential oils from Southern Africa against selected bacterial and fungal organisms Abstract   PDF
T Nefefe, M Gundidza, V Mmbengwa, M Magwa
Vol 6, No 15 (2007) Antimicrobial activities of four plant species from the Southern Overberg region of South Africa Abstract   PDF
TSA Thring, EP Springfield, FM Weitz
Vol 14, No 26 (2015) Antimicrobial activities of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) pomace polyphenols as a source of naturally occurring bioactive components Abstract   PDF
F Kabir, MS Sultana, H Kurnianta
Vol 13, No 29 (2014) Antimicrobial activities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from akamu and kunun-zaki (cereal based non-alcoholic beverages) in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
AN Okpara, BN Okolo, BN Okolo, JO Ugwuanyi, JO Ugwuanyi
Vol 5, No 11 (2006) Antimicrobial activities of medicinal plants used in folklore remedies in south-western Abstract   PDF
DA Akinpelu, TM Onakoya
Vol 10, No 72 (2011) Antimicrobial activities of methanol and aqueous extracts of the stem of Bryophyllum pinnatum Kurz (Crassulaceae) Abstract   PDF
AO Nwadinigwe
Vol 10, No 51 (2011) Antimicrobial activities of the bacteriocin-like substances produced by lactic acid bacteria isolated from Moroccan dromedary milk Abstract   PDF
EO Khay, M Idaomar, LMP Castro, PF Bernárdez, NS Senhaji, J Abrini
Vol 12, No 48 (2013) Antimicrobial activities of the leaves and roots of Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb Abstract   PDF
Fiaz Aziz Minhas, Habib-ur Rehaman, Ansar Yasin, Zahid Iqbal Awan, Naeem Ahmed
Vol 13, No 35 (2014) Antimicrobial activities, toxinogenic potential and sensitivity to antibiotics of Bacillus strains isolated from Mbuja, an Hibiscus sabdariffa fermented seeds from Cameroon Abstract   PDF
BA Mohammadou, G Le Blay, CM Mbofung, G Barbier
Vol 10, No 22 (2011) Antimicrobial activity analysis of extracts of Acacia modesta, Artimisia absinthium, Nigella sativa and Saussurea lappa against Gram positive and Gram negative microorganisms Abstract   PDF
A Khalid, U Rehman, A Sethi, S Khilji, U Fatima, MI Khan, MK Waqas, QN Saqib, K Farzana, MHHB Asad, S Mahmood, A Waseem, T Ismail, G Murtaza
Vol 13, No 46 (2014) Antimicrobial activity and chemical analysis of some edible oils (Clove, Kalonji and Taramira) Abstract   PDF
A Shoaib, G Saeed, S Ahmad
Vol 5, No 11 (2006) Antimicrobial activity and chemical compositions of Turkish propolis from different regions Abstract   PDF
H Katirciolu, N Mercan
Vol 5, No 23 (2006) Antimicrobial activity and phytochemicals of Solanum trilobatum Linn. Abstract   PDF
PS Latha, K Kannabiran
Vol 8, No 22 (2009) Antimicrobial activity of Agave sisalana Abstract   PDF
JDG Santos, A Branco, AF Silva, CSR Pinheiro, AG Neto, APT Uetanabaro, SROD Queiroz, JTA Osuna
Vol 11, No 103 (2012) Antimicrobial activity of Androstachys johnsonii Prain Abstract   PDF
Molotja M Georginah, Maanda H Ligavha-Mbelengwa, Ramakrishna B Bhat
Vol 10, No 24 (2011) Antimicrobial activity of Berkheya bergiana leaves extracts Abstract   PDF
OM Odeleye, AO Oyedeji, AR Opoku
Vol 6, No 13 (2007) Antimicrobial activity of Cassia alata Abstract   PDF
AA Makinde, JO Igoli, L TA’Ama, SJ Shaibu, A Garba
Vol 10, No 49 (2011) Antimicrobial activity of Crataeva religiosa Forst against bacteria isolated from Thryonomys swinderianus Temminck Abstract   PDF
L Lagnika, E Anago, M Atindehou, B Adjahoutonon, K Dramane, A Sanni
Vol 8, No 9 (2009) Antimicrobial activity of Diospyros melanoxylon bark from Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Orissa, India Abstract   PDF
SK Rath, N Mohapatra, D Dubey, SK Panda, HN Thatoi, SK Dutta
Vol 6, No 18 (2007) Antimicrobial activity of Mucuna pruriens on selected bacteria Abstract   PDF
AO Salau, OM Odeleye
Vol 12, No 13 (2013) Antimicrobial activity of Parquetina nigrescens on some multidrug resistant pathogens isolated from poultry and cases of otitis media in dogs from Nigeria Abstract   PDF
TO Oyagbemi, AO Ogunleye, TO Lawal, AA Oyagbemi
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) Antimicrobial activity of Piper arboreum and Piper tuberculatum (Piperaceae) against opportunistic yeasts Abstract   PDF
LO Regasini, F Cotinguiba, AA Morandim, MJ Kato, L Scorzoni, MJ Mendes-Giannini, VS Bolzani, M Furlan
Vol 11, No 89 (2012) Antimicrobial activity of Psidium guajava Linn. stem extracts against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Abstract   PDF
Charles Okechukwu Esimone, Anthony Amaechi Attama, Kwaliafon Salamatou Mundi, Nneka Nwamaka Ibekwe, Kennedy F Chah
Vol 5, No 4 (2006) Antimicrobial activity of Solanum tomentosum Abstract   PDF
AA Aliero, AJ Afolayan
Vol 13, No 34 (2014) Antimicrobial activity of Streptomyces sp. isolated from the gulf of Aqaba-Jordan and screening for NRPS, PKS-I, and PKS-II genes Abstract   PDF
F Kouadri, A Al-Aboudi, H Khyami-Horani
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