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Issue Title
Vol 10, No 34 (2011) A new taxol-producing fungus (Pestalotiopsis malicola) and evidence for taxol as a transient product in the culture Abstract   PDF
J Bi, Y Ji, J Pan, Y Yu, H Chen, X Zhu
Vol 10, No 14 (2011) A new tool for in vitro culture of porcine eggs Abstract   PDF
Zai-Dong Hua, Xin-Min Zheng, Xian-Feng Qiao, Qing-Xin Wei, Hou-Qiang Xu, Hong-Wei Xiao, Xi-Mei Liu, Li Li
Vol 14, No 21 (2015) A new vehicle for herbicide application using crude glycerin, a by-product of biodiesel production Abstract   PDF
RL Arruda, JIC da Silva, EL Arruda, MC Dotto, R de Almeida Sarmento, EAL Erasmo
Vol 10, No 34 (2011) A nonsense (c.3978G>A) abnormal spindle-like, microcephaly associated (ASPM) gene mutation is a major cause of primary microcephaly in Pashtoon ethnic group of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
S Saleha, M Ajmal, M Jamil, M Nasir, A Hameed
Vol 7, No 22 (2008) A non-toxic herbal remedy which enhance lymphocyte activity and cytokine secretion: >i>Ganoderma lucidum Abstract   PDF
H Liang, WTY Loo, BHS Yeung, MNB Cheung, M Wang, JP Chen
Vol 10, No 41 (2011) A novel and convenient method to immunize animals: Inclusion bodies from recombinant bacteria as antigen to directly immunize animals Abstract   PDF
H Yang, T Zhang, K Xu, J Lei, L Wang, Z Li, Z Zhang
Vol 10, No 19 (2011) A novel approach for rapid micropropagation of maspine pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) shoots using liquid shake culture system Abstract   PDF
AR Zuraida, AH Nurul Shahnadz, A Harteeni, S Roowi, CMZ Che Radziah, S Sreeramanan
Vol 10, No 47 (2011) A novel approach for very early pregnancy diagnosis in swine by anti-early pregnancy factor (EPF) antiserum blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) Abstract   PDF
K Quan, X Zhao, C Zhang, Q Xu, H Wei, J Hu, Y Zhang
Vol 10, No 27 (2011) A novel CYP1A1 gene polymorphism and the risk of head and neck cancer in Pakistani population Abstract   PDF
N Masood, FA Malik, I MahJabeen, RM Baig, MA Kayani
Vol 10, No 74 (2011) A novel ensemble and composite approach for classifying proteins based on Chou’s pseudo amino acid composition Abstract   PDF
J Lin, Y Wang, X Xu
Vol 10, No 51 (2011) A novel expression cassette for the efficient visual selection of transformed tissues in florist's chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.) Abstract   PDF
J Mao, G Stoopen, MA Jongsma, CY Wang
Vol 10, No 48 (2011) A novel fermentor system optimized for continuous production of pullulan Abstract   PDF
R Singh, R Gaur, F Jamal, MK Gaur
Vol 10, No 71 (2011) A novel filarial topoisomerase II inhibitor produced by native isolate Micrococcus luteus B1252 Abstract   PDF
R Sivasamy, J Angayarkanni, M Palaniswamy
Vol 10, No 83 (2011) A novel injectable and degradable calcium phosphate/calcium sulfate bone cement Abstract   PDF
W Zhou, Y Xue, X Ji, G Yin, N Zhang, Y Ren
Vol 11, No 41 (2012) A novel method “CHROMagar” for screening vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) isolates Abstract   PDF
Massoud Hajia, Mohammad Rahbar, Mona Mohammad Zadeh
Vol 10, No 39 (2011) A novel missense mutation of bovine lipase maturation factor 1 (LMF1) gene and its association with growth traits Abstract   PDF
G Ren, JX Liu, F Li, XY Lan, MJ Li, ZY Zhang, H Chen
Vol 15, No 19 (2016) A novel pig feed formulation containing Aspergillus niger CSA35 pretreated-cassava peels and its effect on growth and selected biochemical parameters of pigs Abstract   PDF
Nyerhovwo J Tonukari, Egbune E Oliseneku, Oghenetega J Avwioroko, Eferhire Aganbi, Osuvwe C Orororo, Akpovwehwee A Anigboro
Vol 10, No 19 (2011) A novel polyclonal antibody against human cytomegalovirus: General characteristics and potential application in diagnosis Abstract   PDF
J Fan, X Zhang, Y Huang, X Chen, J Hu, M Li, Y Ma, H Yao, W Ma
Vol 13, No 45 (2014) A novel polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for rapid isolation of a new rbcS gene from Lemna minor Abstract   PDF
Y Wang
Vol 10, No 57 (2011) A novel polymorphism of resistin gene and its association with meat quality traits in Chinese Bos taurus Abstract   PDF
L Gao, JA Ujan, L Zan, M Xue, A Camus
Vol 10, No 83 (2011) A novel protein expression system-PichiaPink™- and a protocol for fast and efficient recombinant protein expression Abstract   PDF
B Li, Y Cao, L Zhou, C Liang, F Sun
Vol 15, No 39 (2016) A novel sampler for limnological investigation in developing world Abstract   PDF
Nkechinyere O. Nweze
Vol 10, No 85 (2011) A novel soft sensor model based on artificial neural network in the fermentation process Abstract   PDF
G Liu, S Yu, C Mei, Y Ding
Vol 10, No 74 (2011) A novel stepwise support vector machine (SVM) method based on optimal feature combination for predicting miRNA precursors Abstract   PDF
L Wang, J Li, R Zhu, L Xu, Y He, R Zhang, S Rao
Vol 13, No 33 (2014) A parallel reconfigurable platform for efficient sequence alignment Abstract   PDF
A Surendar, M Arun, PS Periasamy
Vol 9, No 12 (2010) A phylogenetic analysis of Jurinea (Compositae) species from Turkey based on ITS sequence data Abstract   PDF
B Dogan, EE Hakki, A Duran
Vol 11, No 2 (2012) A physiological evaluation of the enhanced osmotic stress tolerance of an asymmetric somatic hybrid introgression line SR3 between bread wheat and couch grass Abstract   PDF
G Xia, L Yan, X Xie, Z Peng, S Liu
Vol 10, No 59 (2011) A pilot study on the isolation and biochemical characterization of Pseudomonas from chemical intensive rice ecosystem Abstract   PDF
P Nathan, X Rathinam, M Kasi, ZA Rahman, S Subramaniam
Vol 8, No 22 (2009) A plant defensin gene from Orychophragmus violaceus can improve Brassica napus’ resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Abstract   PDF
J Wu, L Wu, Z Liu, L Qian, M Wang, L Zhou, Y Yang, X Li
Vol 9, No 3 (2010) A plasma membrane H+ATPase gene is germinationinduced in wheat embryos Abstract   PDF
M Caliskan, S Bashiardes, AC Cuming
Vol 9, No 36 (2010) A potato NOA gene increased salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana Abstract   PDF
B Zhang, HQ Wang, BL Liu, J Liu, X Wang, Q Liu, HG Zhang
Vol 9, No 33 (2010) A potential explanation for the effect of carbon source on the characteristics of acetate-fed and glucose-fed aerobic granules Abstract   PDF
Jiangya Zhou, Xiaojuan Yu, Zhiping Wang, Cong Ding, Weimin Cai
Vol 12, No 23 (2013) A practical evaluation of detergent and disinfectant solutions on cargo container surfaces for bacteria inactivation efficacy and effect on material corrosion Abstract   PDF
Stephen Abban, Mogens Jakobsen, Lene Jespersen
Vol 8, No 10 (2009) A primary study on texture modification and proteolysis of mao-tofu during fermentation Abstract   PDF
X Zhao, X Zheng
Vol 10, No 11 (2011) A probiotic bacterium, Pediococcus pentosaceus OZF, isolated from human breast milk produces pediocin AcH/PA-1 Abstract   PDF
O Osmanagaoglu, F Kiran, IF Nes
Vol 7, No 11 (2008) A profile of the introduced Oreochromis niloticus (Pisces: Teleostei) populations in Lake Victoria Region in relation to its putative origin of Lakes Edward and Albert (Uganda - E. Africa) based on random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis Abstract   PDF
WW Mwanja, GC Booton, L Kaufman, PA Fuerst
Vol 10, No 76 (2011) A proteomic analysis of short-term exposure to fipronil in larvae of Plutella xylostella Abstract   PDF
M Xie, MS You, J Cheng, L Vasseur
Vol 14, No 39 (2015) A protocol for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Kalanchoë blossfeldiana with a flavonoid 3',5' hydroxylase (F3'5'H) gene Abstract   PDF
P Buddharak, R Chundet, W U-kong
Vol 13, No 7 (2014) A protocol for large scale genomic DNA isolation for cacao genetics analysis Abstract   PDF
R M Santos, U V Lopes, D Clement, J L Pires, E M Lima, T B Messias, K P Gramacho
Vol 10, No 26 (2011) A quantitative trait locus for the number of days from sowing to seedling emergence in maize Abstract   PDF
ZP Zheng, XH Liu, YB Huang, X Wu, C He, Z Li
Vol 11, No 27 (2012) A quick DNA extraction protocol: Without liquid nitrogen in ambient temperature Abstract   PDF
J Ferdous, MM Hanafi, MY Rafii, K Muhammad
Vol 8, No 10 (2009) A RAMP marker linked to the tobacco black shank resistant gene Abstract   PDF
XZ Liu, YM Yang, CS He, HL Li, HY Zhang
Vol 10, No 41 (2011) A random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) molecular marker linked to late-bolting gene in pak-choi (Brassica campestris ssp. chinensis Makino L.) Abstract   PDF
Z Du, R Hou, Y Zhu, X Li, H Zhu, Z Wang
Vol 11, No 89 (2012) A rapid in vitro protocol for propagation of Piper aduncum and Piper hispidinervum, two species from Amazon region with multipurpose uses Abstract   PDF
Tatiane Loureiro da Silva, Talita Aparecida Balzon, Jonny Everson Scherwinski-Pereira
Vol 10, No 8 (2011) A rapid and low-cost DNA extraction method for isolating Escherichia coli DNA from animal stools Abstract   PDF
TG Barnard, CA Robertson, P Jagals, N Potgieter
Vol 5, No 9 (2006) A rapid PCR based method to distinguish between Enterococcus species by using degenerate and species-specific sodA gene primers Abstract   PDF
F Bensalah, MJ Flores, Aziz Mouats
Vol 12, No 10 (2013) A rapid two step protocol of in vitro propagation of an important medicinal herb Centella asiatica Linn. Abstract   PDF
Chandrakant Tiwari, Meena Bakshi, Ankur Vichitra
Vol 10, No 40 (2011) A reagentless amperometric immunosensor based on nano-au and carbon nanotubes for detection of alphafetoprotein Abstract   PDF
S Wu, X Gu, J Li, K Luo
Vol 6, No 15 (2007) A recombinant lactobacillus strain expressing genes coding for restriction enzymes cleaving the HIV genomes for use as a live microbicide strategy against heterosexual transmission of HIV Abstract   PDF
W Misaki
Vol 11, No 21 (2012) A regulatory network for human adenocarcinoma Abstract   PDF
X Meng, P Lu, Y Zhang, H Lin, P Xiao, H Bai, Q Fan
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