Modulating Action of 17β Estradiol on Urinary Volume and Renal Excretion of Some Electrolytes in Dietary Salt-fed Female Rats

  • G Onyeso
  • AW Oyeyemi


Body fluid and electrolyte balance are essential for normal cellular function, maintenance of adequate plasma volume and osmolality, yet natural and synthetic female sex hormones have various effects on body fluid and electrolyte balance. This study determined the effect of combined administration of 17β estradiol and dietary salt on some renal parameters. Thirty-two female Albino rats were used for this study and they were assigned into four groups consist of eight rats in each group. The group A served as control while groups B, C and D were given daily doses of dietary salt, 17β estradiol, and 17β estradiol with dietary salt respectively for four weeks consecutively. Twenty four hour urine samples were collected at the end of second and fourth weeks of administration for the determination of some renal parameters. The results were highly significant increase after second and fourth weeks for urinary volume, urinary sodium ions and chloride ion excretion, while there was significant reduction in urinary potassium ion excretion in groups that received dietary salt and 17β estradiol (p<0.05) when compared with the control group. It may be concluded that exogenous 17β estradiol administration may have some regulatory effect on body electrolytes and fluid in high dietary salt intake female rats.

Keywords: 17β estradiol, Body fluid, Dietary salt, Electrolytes


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eISSN: 1119-5096