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Comparative photostability study of Fancimef tablet and its active ingredients

J.M. Oke


Fancimef tablet is one of the multi-component drugs recently introduced into malaria therapy to combat the resistant strains of Plasmodium parasite. Like most complex organic compounds, it is expected that the organic compounds in Fancimef tablet will absorb light spectra leading to its photodecomposition and all its attendant problems. In this study, a comparative photostability study of the Fancimef tablet and its active components was undertaken. The results obtained showed that the active ingredients of Fancimef tablet undergo photodecomposition in buffer solutions while the dry Fancimef tablet (powder) is photostable. Thus suggesting that Fancimef tablet is not susceptible to photodecomposition.

Keywords: Fancimef, absorption, spectra, photodecomposition, exposure, photostable.

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