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Preliminary observations on trace element contents of the skin and pelace of west African dwarf (WAD) goat

S.K. Onwuka, O.G. Avwioro, A.K. Olaifa


Studies in the content of magnesium [Mg], copper [Cu] and zinc [Zn] were carried in the skin and hair of 4 West African Dwarf goats. Each of the elements was found to be more abundant in the hair than in the skin. For each of the elements also there were differences in quantity from one region of the body to another. Some of these differences were significant at the 95% confidence level . On the whole magnesium was the most abundant followed by zinc and copper in that order. These findings are discussed in relation to the roles these elements play in ensuring the integrity and normal functioning of the skin and pelage of the animal.

Keywords: Goat, skin, hair, trace elements

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