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Retrospective study on bovine whole carcass and liver condemnations with their associated direct financial losses at the Kumasi Abattoir, Ghana

E Shaibu
J Atawalna
B.O. Emikpe


Limited information exists in literature on the major reasons for whole carcass and organ condemnations in Ghana. A retrospective study spanning January 2002 to December 2013 was conducted at the Kumasi Abattoir to determine the pattern of bovine whole carcass, liver condemnation, and to estimate the direct financial loss. During the study period, a total of 1,047,633 cattle were slaughtered out of which 406 (0.04%) were condemned wholly. The reasons for condemnation were Tuberculosis 150 (36.95%), putrefaction 231 (56.90%), Cysticercus bovis 12 (2.95%), general bruising 6 (1.48%), jaundice 4 (0.98%) and gangrenous necrosis 3 (0.74%). The condemnation rate was highest in 2002 (11.3%) and lowest in 2005 (1.48%). The regional distribution of the condemned carcasses revealed the higher percentages in Upper East 58% and Upper West 36.5%. Condemnation due to putrefaction was highest in December whereas that of Tuberculosis was in July and August. Within the same period, a total of 37921 livers were condemned due to abscesses 18730 (49.4%), fasciolosis 18789 (36.4%), cirrhosis 2399 (6.3%), hydatidosis 1919 (5.1%), putrefaction 630 (1.7%), tuberculosis 124 (124%), hepatitis 99 (0.2%) and others conditions 231 (0.6%). The direct financial losses due to total carcass and liver condemnation were estimated to be GH¢1,668,524 and GH¢446,600 respectively, giving a total loss of GH¢2,115,124. The study revealed that tuberculosis, putrefaction, abscesses and fasciolosis were the major reasons for carcass and liver condemnation at Kumasi Abattoir with huge financial implications. Emphasis should be laid on effective meat inspection and standard animal husbandry health care to curtail these zoonotic diseases and associated financial loss.

Keywords: Carcass, liver, condemnation, retrospective study, financial loss, cattle, abattoir

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