African Journal of Biomedical Research

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Case Report- Massive spinal-ischial dysplasia and extensive spinal dyssygmentation in a Tunisian child with severe form of Cleido-cranial dysplasia

Ali Al Kaissi, Farid B Chehida, Hatem Safi, Maher Ben, Nassib Nabil Ghachem, Jalel Chakib, Hassan Gharbi


Kyphoscoliosis is a complication of some bone dysplasias, including Cleido-cranial dysplasia (CCD). We report on massive spinal dysplasia secondary to severe spinal dyssygmentation associated with marked defective ossification of the ischium, detected in a Tunisian female child with a severe form of Cleido-cranial dysplasia. Literature review on Cleido cranial dysplasia and associated spinal abnormalities showed no previous similar reports as encountered in our patient.

Keywords: Cleido cranial, dysplasia, spinal dyssygmentation, defective ossification of the ischium, kyphoscoliosis

African Journal of Biomedical Research Vol. 8(2) 2005: 127-129
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