Correlative analysis of cortical concentrations of some metals and crude protein in the brain of goats

  • J.O Olopade
  • S.K Onwuka


Correlative studies were done on the metal and protein
concentrations in the brain cortex of the West African Dwarf and
Red Sokoto breeds of goats in Nigeria. Positive correlations (either
at 0.01 or 0.05) was found amongst some metals notably Mg and
Ca, Mg and Zn, Ca and Mn while negative correlations was
observed between AI and Fe, AI and Co amongst others. Female
goats in both breeds were found to have more correlative interplay
amongst their cortical metal and crude protein levels than their
male counterparts. The brain samples apparently displayed a
homeostatic balance in the relationship between Pb and Cu and Zn
and Cu. The interplay of the metals and protein in the cortex was
discussed as vital baseline in comparism with goats under different
systems of management.
(Afr. J. Biomed. Res. 10: 263 – 268)

Key words : - metals, crude protein, brain, goat


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-5096