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Plasma cholesterol and sodium in some Nigerians

ADA Ighoroje, GA Akinlabi, VI Iyawe


Cholesterol moderates the fluidity of cell membrane and this in turn controls the transmembrane movement of Na+. We have thus attempted to investigate the relationship of serum cholesterol and Na+ concentrations in some Nigerians. Blood samples were obtained from 122 healthy adult Nigerians and the plasma cholesterol was measured using the random cholesterol kit, while the plasma Na+ level was measured using corning
flame photometer. Mean cholesterol was 197.02 ± 79.02mg/100ml and plasma Na+ concentration was 139.93 ± 23/52meq/l. The correlation coefficient between cholesterol and Na+ was ± 0.6008 (p<0.001). The results show a positive significant correlation between plasma cholesterol and Na+ concentration.
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