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Liver cirrhosis associated wiht a non-responsive ascites in a 10 month old alsatian dog

HO Nottidge
RA Ajadi
SIB Cadmus
O Shonibare
EA Okewole
VO Taiwo
B Emikpe
RAM Adedokun
OO Oduye


A ten month old Alsatian bitch presented with complaint of recurring ascites over a period of three months and had ‘been refractory to diuretic therapy. The condition was diagnosed as liver cirrhosis by serum chemistry, exploratory laparotorny and histopathology of the liver. Result of the serum chemistry showed a progressively decreasing serum albumin and liver, enzymes. Similarly the Albumin /Globulin (A:G) ratio was progressively decreasing. Haematological findings were that of anaemia of chornic disorder (mild normocytic, normochromic, non responsive). The PCV, HB and RBC also decreased progressively.
Exploratory laparotomy findings were that of a slightly enlarged liver with diffuse miliary nodules on .both the parietal and visceral surfaces. Few larger nodules ‘were also present. ‘The liver was firmer in
consistency and two separate masses of fibrinous tissue measuring about 5 cm in length and 2cm in thickness were seen floating in the abdominal transudate. The transudate which measured about 15 litres
was colourless and slightly cloudy. The bitch was euthanised following laparotomy and on the owners request due to the non-responsiveness of the animal to diuretic and other supportive therapies.