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Effect of soya bean diet preparations on some haematological and biochemical indices in the rat

ARA Alada, OO Akande, FF Ajayt


Effects of Soya bean diet preparations on the hematocrit, hemoglobin concentration, total plasma protein, plasma albumin, sodium, potassium and chloride concentrations were studied in male albino rats. The animals were fed diets containing 75%, 50% and 25% Soya bean in groups II, III and IV respectively. Group I rats served as the control and were fed normal mouse cubes. There were steady but significant increases in the concentrations of hematocrit, hemoglobin, total plasma protein and plasma albumin in rats fed 25% to 75% concentration of Soya bean in the diets .Although there were significant increases in the electrolytes concentrations between the Soya bean diets and rats fed normal diet, there was no significant difference in the electrolytes concentrations of rats fed different concentrations of Soya bean. This study therefore seems to confirm the nutritional value of Soya bean in alleviating malnutrition
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