Composition of Air Pollutants in Selected Areas of Lagos, Nigeria

  • A Akintonwa
  • O Awodele
  • SO Olayemi
  • O Brown


The composition of air pollutants in Ojuelegba Motor Park, Oshodi Motor Park and Festac Town Residence was carried out within 24 hours each using an automated gas detector of Crowcon Gasman models 89/336/EEC (handheld) with operating temperature of between 200C to 500C. The results obtained showed upsurge level of CO, NO, SO2 and volatile organic compounds in Ojuelegba Motor Park and oshodi Park compared to the permissible level of 50ppm (CO), 0.8ppm (NO2), 0.5ppm (SO2) and 250μg/m2 (VOC), However, the levels of these gases were normal in Festac Town Residence. These results have shown the high level of environmental and health risk that people around Ojuelegba and Oshodi motor parks are exposed to. Thus, there is urgent need to give environmental issues more attention in the governmental policy and effort should be made to control industrial efflux, smoking attitudes, refuse burning and use of old vehicles as these may be contributory to the upsurge of environmental gases and consequently have serious impact on health and environment.

Key Words: Immune-responses, cigarettes, alcohol, Nigeria.


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eISSN: 1119-5096