Preliminary Screening of Beef Consumed in Ibadan, Nigeria for Antibacterial Residues

  • OI Olatoye
  • GAT Ogundipe


Three hundred and ninety samples each of liver, kidney and muscles from abattoirs in Ibadan were screened for the presence of antibiotics residues using a rapid microbiological assay. Premi®Test, a commercially available kit containing agar pre-seeded with Bacillus stearothermophilus, sensitive to most commonly used antibiotics providing a simple and quick response to presence of antibiotics was used. The results showed that 816 samples (69.74%) out of a total of one thousand one hundred and seventy edible beef samples screened contained antibacterial residues. The positive samples comprised of 320 (40%), 281 (34%) and 215 (26%) kidney, liver and muscle samples respectively This is indicative of high risk of exposure of the consumers to wide range of antibacterial residues that have found their ways to the food chain through improper usage of the drugs in food animals. There is need for detailed drug residues risk assessment, surveillance and proper regulatory control of health management practices in the production of food animals in Nigeria to ensure food safety.

Key Words: antibiotics residues, meat, food safety, meat, Premi®Test.


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eISSN: 1119-5096