To professionals: Chemical safety and chemical security overview

  • WM Abdou


The importance of laboratory safety has been recognized for many years in industry. However, educational and research institutions have been slower to adopt such safety practices and programs. A science program has certain  potential dangers. Yet, with careful planning, most dangers can be avoided in an activity-oriented science program. It is essential for all  involved in the science instruction program to develop a positive approach to a safe and healthful environment in the laboratory. Safety and the  enforcement of safety regulations and laws in the laboratory is the  responsibility of both the stuff and the employees-each assuming his/her share. Safety and health should be an integral part of the planning,  preparation, and implementation of any science program. Security, on the other hand, is a top priority for leading chemical producers’ and the  governmental authorized people. Responsible care companies should be
expert in chemical security and work hard to safeguard the communities. Items discussed in this paper are thus: Why do we worry about chemical safety? fundamentals: personnel protection ; chemical storage: general handling and storage; emergency management; waste management: what are some strategies to reduce the amount and/or toxicity of chemical waste generated in the laboratory; risk government strategy; conclusion. [AJCE 4(3), Special Issue, May 2014]

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print ISSN: 2227-5835