Students´ Knowledge about Nanotechnology and the Importance to Introduce Nanotechnology into Chemistry Lessons

  • E Daoutsali
  • H Barke
  • O P Yadav


The primary objective of this study was to find out what students already know about nanotechnology in order to design a context based module with a nanotechnology background. Therefore a questionnaire was distributed to 116 German students in grade 11. Questions referred to the first thought of the students´ mind when they hear the word nanotechnology, to the size of a nanometer, to if something can be seen at the nanometer scale with the unaided eye, to their self-assessment concerning nanotechnology and to the surface-to-volume ratio of nanoparticles. The findings of the students´ answers were informative and allowed us to design a module in the future that can lead students at school level to understanding nanotechnology.


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print ISSN: 2227-5835