Laboratory jargon of lecturers and misconceptions of students

  • Hans-Dieter Barke
  • Joline Büchter


Lecturers mostly use a “laboratory jargon” in their lectures and the question comes up whether student teachers are taking this jargon for their own terminology, or developing “school-made misconceptions”, or even transfer them later into Chemistry instruction. One example: “2 hydrogen react with 1 oxygen to form 2 water” is often to hear – instead of pointing out that 2 H2 molecules and 1 O2 molecule are forming 2 H2O molecules. This last statement is totally clear and the learner will develop applicable mental models. An empirical pilot study will show first results: about half of the investigated participants could reflect and correct given jargon statements – but even after three years of studying Chemistry, the other students are staying with that jargon or other alternative conceptions.

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print ISSN: 2227-5835