Students’ practical performance-the case of practical organic chemistry ii course: flow chart preparation

  • Shuma Fayera
  • Dereje Fedasa


Practical work plays an important role in the teaching and learning of science and chemistry in particular to helping students to gain insight into scientific knowledge, skill and understandings. The research was conducted in Dambi Dollo University. To carry out the study a descriptive survey method was used. The major objective of this study was to offer an overview of the current situation in the course practical organic chemistry II of Dambi Dollo University. The sample consisted of all 20 second year second semester chemistry students, laboratory instructors and Practical Organic Chemistry II course material. The main instruments were questionnaires, content analysis of course material and observation. Qualitative and quantitative methods were employed to analyze data. The results indicated that the majority of the activities had lower inquiry level and the dominant practical work identified was demonstration activity. Laboratory instructors and students ranked the most important objective of the manual to demonstrate materials taught in lecture least. Based on these findings certain recommendations were forwarded. 


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print ISSN: 2227-5835