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The role of women's secret societies in cameroon's contemporary politics: the case of Takumbeng.

P T Tanga


Although there are many secret societies, most of which belong to the male folk in the North West Province of Cameroon, little was and/or is known about their activities. However, Takumbeng, a women's secret society from the North West Province of Cameroon came to prominence in the 1990's during the political upheaval and disenchantment against the undemocratic policies of the government at the time. This period was characterised by demonstrations, protests and riots that were organised and spearheaded by the Social Democratic Front, a local political party based in the North West Province. These struggles culminated in the famous ‘ghost towns' that crippled Cameroon's economy and whose impact is still lingering. The participation of women in the political agitations was reinforced and encouraged by the women's secret society, the Takumbeng. The group became transformed against the backdrop of these popular agitations and disgruntleness and as a result impacted on the national contemporary politics. This article examines the role played by the Takumbeng in the North West Province of Cameroon in entrenching democratic principles in Cameroon contemporary politics.

African Journal of Cross-Cultural psychology and sport facilitation (AJCPSF) Vol. 8 2006: pp. 1-17

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eISSN: 1119-7056