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Perception of alcohol availability, promotion and policy by Nigerian university students

OO Umoh
PP Obot
IS Obot


As a follow-up to the Monitoring Alcohol Marketing and Promotion in Africa (MAMPA) project conducted in Nigeria and three other countries in Africa, a survey of Nigerian students was conducted to assess their perceptions of alcohol promotion and policy in the country. Nearly five hundred students drawn from five faculties in the University of Uyo, Nigeria completed a perception of alcohol policy survey, in which they indicated their levels of agreement with statements on alcohol policy. The sample consisted of 265 (53.9%) male and 227(46.1%) female students; with age range of 16-37 years (mean of 24.8 years). Findings revealed that respondents were in support of policy options that sought to reduce availability of alcohol (in terms of access and cost). They also agreed with statements on alcohol as the cause of health and social problems; supported strong laws against drunk-driving; and agreed with the statement that the industry flouts self-imposed code on alcohol advertising. Chi-square analyses of data however confirmed the hypothesis that drinkers will significantly differ from non-drinkers in their perception of alcohol policy in Nigeria. The implications of these findings were discussed in the context of the development of effective alcohol control policy in Nigeria and other low and middle-income countries.

Key Words: Perception, alcohol policy, alcohol advertising, university students