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Determinants of Inclusive Growth in Africa: Role of Health and Demographic Changes

Sherriffdeen A Tella, Olorunfemi Y Alimi


This paper examines the role of health and population growth on inclusive growth in  selected 14 African countries from 1995 to 2012. Using the Fixed effect method, the  findings indicate that finances from the health sector have greater impact towards the  inclusiveness of growth in Africa. It indicated that adequate financing of the health  sector is fundamental to improve pro-poor growth in Africa. The population growth of  African countries was found to deteriorate the achievement of inclusiveness of growth.  Thus, African countries need to make use of her rising population as a blessing and not  as threat, so that pro-poor growth can be achieved in the region. In addition, there is  need for more government involvement in financing the health sector by providing  adequate health care facilities.

Keywords: health, population, pro-poor growth, Africa.
JEL Classification: H51, I15, Q56

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