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Determinants of Soil Conservation Technologies Among Small-Scale Farmers in Tanzania; Evidence from National Panel Survey

Jovin Aveline Lasway
George Raphael Temba
Remidius Denis Ruhinduka


The adoption of Soil Conservation Technologies (SCTs) in Tanzania is very low compared to other countries in Africa with related situation. Interventions were taken by introducing soil conservation practices. However, the adoption of these practices is far below the expectation. The objective of this study was to examine the determinants ofSCTs among maize small-scale farmers in Tanzania. Secondary data from the National Panel Survey was used in this study. A binary probit regression model was employed to analyse the data. The analysis results showed that access to extension services and training as well as plot value were positively correlated at significantly level with the adoption of the introduced soil and water conservation practices. On the other hand, soil steepness influenced the adoption of soil conservation practices negatively. The finding depicts that the identified physical, socioeconomic, and institutional factors influence the adoption of SCTs so; concerned bodies should consider these influential factors to enhance farmers’ adoption of soil conservation practices and promote agricultural productivity and environmental quality.