Editorial Note on Special Issue on Covid 19 by Guest Editor

  • Loretta N Baryeh
Keywords: Editorial Note; COVID-19


The novel coronavirus disrupted the world in 2020. The disease was not only deadly but highly infectious, so countries resorted to extreme measures such as lockdowns, frequent and intense sanitization and social distancing among others to counter the spread of the virus. The pandemic caused massive disruptions in supply-chain lines and temporary closures to businesses such as retail, hospitality and many others. The effects of the pandemic were devasting with most sectors of the various economies around the globe being adversely affected. While shortages in food supply were a common phenomenon, basic items like toilet paper and other necessities were in short supply. The pharmaceutical industry’s research and development eventually led to the vaccine development; however, the pandemic had already caused massive disruptions to economies globally. This special issue focusses on the effect the pandemic had on the economies, data mining, mental health, social infrastructure and other aspects of countries in Africa and around the world. The articles in this special issue identified the problems caused by the pandemic, how the event affected the stock market and other sectors of the economy and recommendations for solutions and other measures to counter the devastation caused by the pandemic. Each article in this covid-19 special issue have a unique approach to research and have added to the body of existing knowledge.  Conclusions and recommendations made by the research in this special issue if adapted will facilitate recovery from the devastating effects of the pandemic.  This special issue includes six articles as follows.                  


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eISSN: 2453-5966
print ISSN: 1821-8148