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Integrating interactive multimedia into mathematics course modules for distance education

Patricia Ananga
Peter Akayuure


This study investigated the validity and perceived effectiveness of multimedia courseware designed to deliver lessons to students learning mathematics by distance. The study employed a cross-sectional survey design in which 50 volunteered distance education students pursuing a diploma in basic education at one of 23 study centres of the University of Education, Winneba participated. After students have used the multimedia courseware developed on CD-ROMs within twelve weeks, a perceived learning effectiveness questionnaire was used to collect data. Data were analyzed descriptively. The result indicates that courseware was a suitable complementary medium for mathematics lesson delivery by distance in terms of content delivery style; evaluation exercises presentation; motivation; and multimedia effects. It was also revealed that majority of the students learning mathematics by distance perceived multimedia courseware as effective in their learning successes. The inclusion of validated multimedia set-ups to printed text materials for learning mathematics contents by distance is recommended.