Effect of using Geogebra on senior high school students’ performance in circle theorems

  • Mawuli Kofi Tay Jukwa Senior High School, Cape Coast
  • Thomas Mensah Wonkyi Mankesim Senior High Secondary/Technical School, Mankesim
Keywords: GeoGebra, circle theorems, teaching geometry


The main aim of the study was to find out the effect of using GeoGebra on senior high school students’ performance in circle theorems. This study employed quasi-experimental design, using non-equivalent quasi-experimental design. Purposive sampling technique was used to select two schools for the study. Also, one intact class in each school was used as the control group and the other class as the experimental group. The sample size consisted of 49 students comprising 24 in the control group and 25 in the experimental group. The experimental group was taught circle theorems using GeoGebra while the control group was taught using the traditional way of teaching circle theorems. Pre-test and post-test were carried out simultaneously on the groups using teacher-made achievement test. The test format was based on Ghana Education Service syllabus. Paired samples t-test and analysis of covariance were used to analyse the scores of teacher-made achievements test. The finding showed that there is a statistically significant positive effect for the students who used GeoGebra to learn circle theorems. Thus, the students taught with GeoGebra method performed better than their counterpart who did not use the GeoGebra to learn circle theorems. Also, the GeoGebra method made the lessons more interesting, practical and easy to understand. It was recommended that teachers should incorporate GeoGebra in the teaching of circle theorems.


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print ISSN: 2508-1128