Self-disclosure in young people: A study of social undergraduate students in a Ghanaian university

  • Ephrem Kwaku Kwaa-Aidoo University of Education, Winneba
  • Mathias Agbeko University of Education, Winneba
Keywords: self-disclosure, privacy, social media, internet


The internet seems to have changed the way young people interact and have changed the way people view privacy and self-disclosure on social networks. This study surveyed a total of 146 young people from various backgrounds and sought to throw some light on online privacy culture of Ghanaian young people and the types of information shared. The study found that young people are generally heavy users of social networking sites and they have large groups of friends online. This indicated shallow relationships. This finding was consistent with another finding that though they shared personal information online, they were careful not to share intimate personal information. It also found that young people are quite competent in managing their privacy though they seemed to be neutral when it came to posting explicit materials online. 


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2508-1128