Potential carbon credit and community expectations towards viability of REDD project in Ugalla- Masito ecosystem: A case of Ilagala and Karago villages, Kigoma Tanzania

  • NF Mwageni
  • RS Shemdoe
  • R Kiunsi


The paper presents results of the potential carbon credit and community expectations towards viability of REDD+ projects in Ugalla- Masito ecosystem using a case of Ilagala and Karago villages whereby REDD+ is being piloted. Various data collection methods were employed and these included focused group discussion, interview, structured questionnaires and document analysis. Results of the study indicate that, there are two suggested payment sharing approaches associated with different preferences at both household and village government levels. These include cash payments to households for compensating the opportunity costs incurred and the second is that funds should be given to village government for community developmental projects. Analysis of the opportunity costs, marginal (incremental) revenues from forest carbon stock as well as the conceptual trend of forest biomass indicates that, there is probability for the project to flop in a very short time. Therefore, in order to ensure the future viability of REDD+ and its associated projects as well as ensuring sustainability of people’s livelihoods, any REDD+ associated activities should harmonize community preferences and balance them with project goals by supporting communities in their alternative livelihood activities.

Key words: Carbon stock payments, community preferences and REDD+ project viability.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1996-0786
print ISSN: 1996-0786