Applicable international environmental impact assessment laws for the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria

  • Hart Lawrence
  • Orupabo Sika


The Niger Delta Area of Nigeria has undergone several alterations in her environment through various projects development including oil and gas exploration, dredging and mining activities. These activities have continued to impact the environment as relevant organs of the government deliberately down play the relationship between environmental degradation/pollution and project developments. Though, there are plethora of international laws and conventions, some domesticated in the country, the objectives of these laws in relation to assessing the environmental impact (in this case the Niger Delta Environment) as applicable to project developments will be brought to the fore. The specific objective hereto is to appraise selected International Environmental laws and the Nigerian Environmental Impact Assessment methodology in demonstrating how the Niger Delta Environment can be preserved for future generation. This paper affirms that Environmental Impact Assessment laws are strictly predicated on adherence of procedural requirements and not the requirement for proper utilization of resources, this notwithstanding, provides a veritable tool for environmental sustainability if properly applied.

Keywords: International law, Niger Delta, environment, impact assessment