Effects of age/weight and castration on fatty acids composition in pork fat and the qualities of pork and pork fat in meishn x large white pigs.

  • GA Teye
Keywords: pigs, backfat, fatty acids, castration, quality


This study investigates the effects of age/weight and castration on the fatty acid composition and the qualities of pork and pork fat. Thirty hybrid male pigs (50% Meishan x 50% Large White) were used. Fifteen were castrated within the first two days of age and the other fifteen remained entire. At 12 weeks of age, the pigs were divided into three groups, each consisting of five castrates and five boars. Animals were fed a basic standard commercial pelleted diet for 30,60 or 90 days and then slaughtered, so that the actual age of the pigs at slaughter was 114, 144 and 174 days respectively. Parameters considered for carcass quality were carcass weight, initial pH (pH45) and ultimate (final) pH (pHu), and P2 backfat thickness. For pork and pork fat qualities, the following parameters were considered: backfat firmness, slip point, sensory attributes and adipose tissue fatty acid composition.

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eISSN: 1684-5374
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