Legal and ethical requirements for developing a medical MOOC: Lessons learnt from the Paediatric Physical Examination Skills MOOC

  • A. George
  • D. Wooldridge
  • J. King
  • A.G. Giovanelli
  • S.G. Naidoo
  • M.A. Mabeba
  • S. Morar
  • S.G. Lala
  • Z. Dangor


Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are increasingly being integrated into medical education. The production of a MOOC demonstrating physical examinations of children raised the issue of legal and ethical consent for the use of images and video-recordings of children. The present article shares the valuable lessons we learned around the legal and ethical consent required, and the operational issues that will be essential to comply with these legal and ethical considerations. This information may be valuable to other educators, especially those in similar resource-constrained settings,who are planning to create medical MOOCs.


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