Nutritional status and associated factors among hospitalised Zambian adult patients receiving hospital prepared total nasogastric tube feeds

  • Ogada Irene
  • Nyati Murambiwa
Keywords: Under-nutrition; Nutrition status; Nasogastric tube feeding; Zambia


Under-nutrition which attributed by inadequate energy and micronutrient intake, chronic and acute illnesses as well as altered immunological function is linked to nutrition. Identification of factors associated with malnutrition among hospitalized adults is important for policy and practices. In settings similar to sub -Saharan Africa, under-nutrition among hospitalized patients was reported to be higher [5] than the 45% to 70% in developed countries. Several studies have shown significant benefits of NGTF.

To establish the prevalence of under-nutrition and associated factors among adults on hospital prepared total Nasogastric Tube Feeding (NGTF) in Zambia.

A total of 113 patients on total NGTF admitted in a Zambian referral hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) and four medical wards constituted the study population. A researcher-administered questionnaire was used to collect data on socio-economic and medical characteristics. Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC), subjective global assessment (SGA) and body mass index (BMI) were used to establish nutrition status.

Under-nutrition prevalence rates were 62.0%, 64.6% and 36.3% as determined by MUAC, SGA and BMI respectively. Participants’ HIV-reactive status was significantly associated with under-nutrition (MUAC, SGA, and BMI) (Odds ratio [OR]: 301.20; 95% C.I. [8.66 - 466.48] p=0.002), (OR: 34.03; 95% C.I. [0.002 – 0.319], p=0.004), (OR: 100.00; 95% C.I. [0.00 - 112.72], p=0.003) respectively. Participants’ energy intake, age, length of hospital stay, monthly income and place of residence were not associated with under-nutrition.

Malnutrition was regular as HIV positive status was significantly associated with under-nutrition. The hospital administration have consider routine screening for malnutrition in all hospital admissions.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1022-9272