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Seronegative conversion of an HIV positive subject treated with <i>Nigella sativa</i> and honey

AA Onifade
AP Jewell
AB Okesina


Background: There are many documented roles of Nigella sativa and honey in treatment of diseases but the least expected are the potentials in curing HIV infection.
Materials and Method: A 27 years old HIV infected woman was diagnosed during ante-natal care (ANC) at General Hospital (EIA) and confirmed with Western blot in 2004 at National Institute of Medical Research, Lagos (NIMR). She could not benefit from free antiretroviral therapy because her CD4 count was above 200 cells/ μL (350 cells/ μL) thus herbal therapist commenced her on Nigella sativa and honey therapy (60: 40 respectively) of 10mls thrice daily for a year.
Result: The repeat serology tests for HIV infection (EIA and Western blot) since 2005 were negative with undetectable viral (HIV-RNA) load. The woman had 3 children (2007, 2010 and 2012) that were breastfed without any of the children infected with HIV and none of the repeat CD4 count was less than 750 cells/ μL.
Conclusion: It was concluded by this report that HIV infection in this 27 years old woman completely sero-reverted by a year therapy of Nigella sativa and honey.

Key word: HIV infection, Nigella sativa, honey, serology tests.

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eISSN: 2006-0165