Integrated Library System Implementation: The Bowen University Library Experience with Koha Software

  • Ayoku A. Ojedokun
  • Grace O.O. Olla
  • Samuel A. Adigun


The purpose of the paper is to share the Bowen University Library experiences running and administering Koha Integrated Library System (ILS) for about nine years. The paper describes the application of the software by the staff of Bowen University Library. The authors perused the library annual reports and the quarterly reports of activities as kept by sections and units. Clarification was also sought from the librarians, who daily run and maintain Koha software to gain an understanding of challenges they face and how these challenges were resolved. The users noted that Koha ILS helped tremendously with the library technical processes and services, and that the challenges encountered and their successful resolutions had also helped in the effective delivery of the library and information services and the development of staff IT skills. The authors noted from practical perspective that these experiences were useful for people who were evaluating open source ILSs, those already running ILSs, as well as those who were in the process of adoption. Unfortunately, to the knowledge of the authors, there has not been much of any existing literature on practical experiences of running and maintaining an open source integrated library system such as the Koha. The paper therefore could thus contribute to knowledge in this domain of ILS.



Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0795-4778