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Records management and football administration in Ghana

Thomas Nuamah Yeboah
Musah Adams
Pino Akotia


This study seeks to evaluate the nature and scale of the Ghana Premier League Board’s records management practices, and propose recommendations based on findings. The study was qualitative. Data used for analysis were drawn from twelve (12) respondents with the use of face-to-face interviews and personal observations. The major finding of the study was that there was lack of appreciation of the function of reliable and authentic records in institutional development. This finding obviates serious gaps and weaknesses in the records management programme of the Ghana Premier League Board. In particular, this study has established the essence of an effective records management system for the administration of football in Ghana. Recommendations based on findings include the need for a corporate records management policy, training of records staff , staff motivations, among others.

Keywords: Records Management, Football Administration, Ghana Premier League Board, Ghana Football Administration