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Towards Improved Management of University Law Libraries in Nigeria

CO Ajidahun


This paper investigated the state and the management of university law libraries in Nigeria. Issues considered included the staffing situation, location of library buildings, organisation, acquisition and processing of law books. Fifteen university law libraries in Nigeria participated in the study. A questionnaire consisting of 26 items was used as the instrument for collecting the data. The findings reveal that most of the university law libraries in Nigeria were not managed by professional law librarians. The study also shows that most of the law libraries were managed and controlled by university librarians. The paper recommends that law library staff should be exchanged among law libraries in Nigeria with a view to strengthening their capacities. Those who are professionally qualified but without law training could be exposed to relevant law seminars and conferences in order to further enhance their skills in law librarianship.

Afr. J. Lib. Arch. & Inf. Sc. Vol.14(2) 2004: 177-183