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Fish resources of Lagos State coastal wetlands

I.A. Ayodele
Jenyo-Oni Adetola


Fishing is the major occupation of the people found along the coastal wetland of Lagos State. Fishing is carried out all the year round. This study examines the fishing Activities, Gear composition and fishing methods in order to obtain the fish species and harvest composition of the study area. This paper is based on the study carried out on the coastal wetlands of Lagos State with three study sites; Central, East and West carved out from the study area. Personal interview, participation and administration of structural questionnaire were the method used in data collection. The study revealed 40 fish species encountered in the study area. The catfishes were the most consistently represented genera in the harvest composition with Clarias spp being the most abundant with 37.0%. 31.7% and 28.9% by number at the central, east and west respectively. Many fishing method were observed during the study, some of which are, castnet, gillnet, traps and Beach seine. A total of 1605 boats were encountered during the study period with an estimated total catch of 19,383.6 Ton/yr. The Coastal wetland is believed to be producing less than it's potential, yet it is the source of income and livelihood for many of Coastal wetland inhabitants. Therefore, effort must be made towards its sustainability.

Keywords: Fish, Resources, Lagos State wetlands.

(Af J of Livestock Extension: 2002 1:28-31)