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Bee Hive management and colonisation: a practical approach

A.A. Ahmed-Akinola
A.E. Adekoya


Bee-keeping is fast becoming a big business although the practice requires an understanding of the nature and preferences of the honey bee. These will include knowledge of the types of housing and how to maintain the structures; method of attracting bees to colonies, the erected structure and the way to relate to bees in the colony.

The managerial issues include the method of approaching the bees and hives, feeding of the bees and prevention of predators. Exploitation of the colony for bee products is usually done with special tools that ensure no disturbance of the inhabitants while also protecting the harvester. The market for bee products varies widely and depends on the quantity of harvest and the channels available to the bee farmer.

Bee-keeping has a long history and it has been practiced for many purposes by different generations of different tribes across the globe. In the course of easing the task and risk of the profession, modern science has made some incursions into the practices by providing necessary knowledge of bees and developing some tools that can make the practices more amenable to human ability.

(Af J Livestock Extension: 2002 1: 36-41)

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eISSN: 1596-4019