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Growth performance of African Giant Land Snails (Archachatina marginata) on dried kola nut testa and palm kernel cake mixture

R. A. Hamzat, A.J. Omole, A.O Oredein, O. G. Longe


This experiment was set up to assess the sensory evaluation of African giant land snails (Archachatina marginata) fed dried kola nut testa (DKT) and palm kernel cake mixture (PKC). A total of 72 snails were randomly distributed into four (4) dietary treatments which were replicated 3 times with 6 snails per replicate in a completely randomized design. The treatments were: A (100% fresh pawpaw leaf); B (75% DKT: 25% PKC); C (50% DKT: 50% PKC) and D (25% DKT: 75% PKC). The result revealed significant differences (P< 0.05) in aperture radius, weight gain, shell length and carcass values but there were no significant differences (>0.05) in shell breadth and feed intake. Values recorded for aparture raduis and weight gain were: 2.14cm,2.62cm, 2.43cm and 2.53cm and 20.00cm, 39.96cm 30.15cm and 21.56cm respectively for diets A,B,C and D. As for the carcass analysis the dressing (%),shell/liveweight (%),and visceral/liveweight (%),the values obtained were:37.07,37.89,36.02,and 36.91; 22.31,31.80,29.67 and 28.45; and 13.46,26.42,27.20 and 20.02 for snails fed diets A,B,C, and D respectively. The performance characteristic and carcass values obtained shows that diet B was the best while diet D was the least of all the diet. This study hence established that it is practicable and possible to feed dried kolanut testa and palm kernel cake mixture- a simple concentrate formula for farmer, in feeding African giant land snails (Achachatina marginata).This study will provide a background to effectively utilize the kola testa, regarded as wastes in kola plantations in Nigeria.

(Af. J. of Livestock Extension: 2003 2: 9-12)

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