Growth performance of African Giant Land Snails (Archachatina marginata) on dried kola nut testa and palm kernel cake mixture

  • R. A. Hamzat
  • A.J. Omole
  • A.O Oredein
  • O. G. Longe


This experiment was set up to assess the sensory evaluation of African giant land snails (Archachatina marginata) fed dried kola nut testa (DKT) and palm kernel cake mixture (PKC). A total of 72 snails were randomly distributed into four (4) dietary treatments which were replicated 3 times with 6 snails per replicate in a completely randomized design. The treatments were: A (100% fresh pawpaw leaf); B (75% DKT: 25% PKC); C (50% DKT: 50% PKC) and D (25% DKT: 75% PKC). The result revealed significant differences (P< 0.05) in aperture radius, weight gain, shell length and carcass values but there were no significant differences (>0.05) in shell breadth and feed intake. Values recorded for aparture raduis and weight gain were: 2.14cm,2.62cm, 2.43cm and 2.53cm and 20.00cm, 39.96cm 30.15cm and 21.56cm respectively for diets A,B,C and D. As for the carcass analysis the dressing (%),shell/liveweight (%),and visceral/liveweight (%),the values obtained were:37.07,37.89,36.02,and 36.91; 22.31,31.80,29.67 and 28.45; and 13.46,26.42,27.20 and 20.02 for snails fed diets A,B,C, and D respectively. The performance characteristic and carcass values obtained shows that diet B was the best while diet D was the least of all the diet. This study hence established that it is practicable and possible to feed dried kolanut testa and palm kernel cake mixture- a simple concentrate formula for farmer, in feeding African giant land snails (Achachatina marginata).This study will provide a background to effectively utilize the kola testa, regarded as wastes in kola plantations in Nigeria.

(Af. J. of Livestock Extension: 2003 2: 9-12)

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eISSN: 1596-4019