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Growth performance and some haematological changes associated with yam peel meal inclusions in finishing diet of broiler chickens in Ghana

T Opoku-Agyemang, Okrah Charles, R.D. Folitse, B.O. Emikpe


One hundred and sixty eight (168) 4-week old broiler chicks were used in a 28-day feeding trial to evaluate growth performance and some haematological changes associated with yam peel meal inclusions in finisher diet of broiler chicks in Ghana. The birds were separated into four treatment groups (each group consisting of three replicates) which were respectively fed diets containing 0%, 5%, 10% and 15% YPM, manufactured exclusively from local products. Feeding and water supply were ad libitum. Routine vaccination and medication procedures were strictly observed. Hematological parameters including RBC, WBC, PCV, Hgb, MCH, together with absolute count of heterophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils were determined by routine methods. Data collected on performance and carcass parameters included initial weight, final weight, weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio, dressed weight, gizzard weight (full and empty), intestine weight (full and empty), heart weight, liver weight. Results showed that birds fed 0% YPM made significantly (P<0.05) superior weight gain as compared to birds on the other diets containing varying proportions of YPM. Whilst differences in final weights between the groups were not significant, the highest weights were attained by birds fed 0% YPM (2.29kg), followed by those fed 10% YPM (2.27kg), 5% YPM (2.25kg) and 15% YPM (2.15kg) in that order. There was no significant haematological derangement in all levels of YPM used. Results of total body weight and weight gain were all in favour of the control group (i.e. birds fed 0% YPM) as compared to the other treatments. Therefore, it can be effectively concluded that the inclusion of YPM diets resulted in “relatively” acceptable performance and it does not cause any significant haematological derangement. Thus, in case of scarcity, unavailability or extremely expensive cost of maize, YPM inclusion could be recommended for feeding of broiler chickens in Ghana.

Keywords: Yam Peel Meal (YPM), haematological values, growth performance, finishers, Ghana

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